Hassan El Sayed

Redevability and Partnership Development Director

Hassan El Sayed is an engineer of the Ecole Nationale des Ponts et Chaussées (French National Engineering University). He also holds a Masters’ degree from the Paris School of Political Science (Sciences Po Paris). He joined SOLIDARITÉS INTERNATIONAL as a graduate in 2004.

For 8 years, he endorses various missions and roles within the SOLIDARITÉS INTERNATIONAL network both on the ground (Congo, Sudan, Côte d’Ivoire, Liberia, Syria, Afghanistan, Mauritania, Indonesia…) and in headquarters. He then leaves the association to go back to Lebanon, where he is born.
« It is with SOLIDARITÉS INTERNATIONAL that I fulfilled my humanitarian purpose. I was able to put in words and actions the desires and principles I had embraced as a teenager »

After a first experience on the ground with Première Urgence Internationale, he joins the headquarters of his other favourite NGO and goes from position to position (Desk Manager, Emergency Response Manager, MEAL Officer, Director of the Operations…) until 2018. He then spends a year in Bioforce as a Director of Operations before “coming home” to SOLIDARITÉS INTERNATIONAL in August 2019, where he becomes Director of Transparency and Institutional Development in August 2020.

Being a humanitarian is a vocation you can live through different means and different jobs…’SOL’ enabled me to gather professionalism and enjoyment, reason and passion, methodological structuration and selfless enthusiasm, normative procedures and unlimited creativity… To me, ‘SOL’ represents the permanent balance between the burning desire to help and the thorough ambition to deliver quality work, to be transparent and accountable…

Translated by Tifanny Oudin Dubois
© Morgane le Mat

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