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In just a few clicks, you can organize your own online fundraising campaign and join our fight to provide universal access to drinking water. Whether it’s a sports event, a cultural or festive occasion, or a life event (wedding, new baby, birthday, etc.) you can get involved in our efforts and support our association by creating your own personal page to tell people about the cause that’s important to you.

By taking part in the ‘3000 Qui l’Eau Maître’ challenge, which involves cycling across the American West, I am supporting SOLIDARITÉS INTERNATIONAL, which does great work in providing access to drinking water and sanitation.
Romain D.

The race is more about friendship than about sport. We decided to run but without a goal we’d have struggled. Supporting SOLIDARITÉS INTERNATIONAL was very important to us.
Margot A.

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Pascaline Bazart, our Donor Relations Officer, is on hand to answer your questions and help you with any administrative issues. You can contact her by e-mail at or at +33 1 76 21 87 00

Pascaline Bazart