Our humanitarian action relies on your generosity

Our emergency efforts and each new humanitarian mission project are first and foremost financed by our own funds; in other words, by donations from people like you. It is the financial support we receive from our donors that enables us to respond as quickly as possible in emergencies, before we can obtain large sums of money from international public bodies.

Donations kickstart action, and exert a lever effect. Private donations enable us to implement initial emergency responses before obtaining additional funds from our institutional funding partners. They act as a lever. For just €1, we are able to generate €14 from our donors.


Become a Water Carrier, and combat water that kills
Donating by direct debit is a much more efficient way of supporting SOLIDARITÉS INTERNATIONAL on a regular basis, where we can all work together to improve universal access to safe drinking water.

By becoming a member of our New Water Carriers movement, you’ll be helping our teams to provide victims of war and natural disasters with the means to protect themselves from the dangers of unsafe drinking water.

Together we can be a source of constant hope

What does your regular support actually do?

For €10 per month

i.e. €2.50 after tax deduction
you’ll be protecting a family’s life by giving them the essentials to keep them safe from deadly water-borne diseases, such as soap, chlorine, jerry cans and water filters.

For €15 per month

i.e. €3.75 after tax deduction
you’ll be supplying emergency drinking water to a family hit by war or a natural disaster.

For €20 per month

i.e. €5 after tax deduction
you’ll be helping to build a well that can provide several dozen families with sustainable access to drinking water.

This lends added weight to our common cause

. More independence to act without delay, when the situation requires it.
. Greater responsiveness on the ground in the event of a humanitarian disaster, without having to wait for donations to arrive.
. Cheaper costs when it comes to fundraising and fund management: resources that go straight where they are needed.

And it’s better for you, too!

. Greater control over your budget: you can spread the cost of your donation over the year.
. Greater peace of mind: you’ll no longer be sent our donation appeals, except in cases of emergency.
. Greater freedom: you can amend or stop your regular support at any time. Just give us a call.
. Easier to do : you’ll only receive one overall tax receipt, at the beginning of the year.


By way of thanks, every year you’ll receive

  • Your AIDER PLUS LOIN quarterly magazine, keeping you up to date with what we’re doing, all our latest news and the progress we’ve made thanks to you.
  • Our annual accounts – testament to our proper management of your donations and our financial transparency.
  • Your date-inscribed New Water Carrier card: this shows that you belong to the community of SOLIDARITÉS INTERNATIONAL’s most loyal supporters.
  • Your own color association calendar.

Our mission is a long-term concern, and therefore requires regular financial resources. We need you.


Donate by SMS

Text to 92600

EAU3 to donate 3€
EAU5 to donate 5€
EAU10 to donate 10€

Mainland France – Your SMS charge will appear on your mobile phone bill.


The death of a loved one is a painful time in everyone’s life. Making a donation to SOLIDARITÉS INTERNATIONAL in memory of that person is a unique way to pay your last respects by supporting a cause that was close to your heart.

Through this precious, life-giving gesture, you can offer hope and dignity to the thousands of people we have helped over the past 40 years.

If you wish to make a memorial donation, there are several possibilities:

  • You can mention it in the announcement of the death by indicating for example that instead of flowers or wreaths, everyone can make a donation to our association;
  • You can send your donations to:
    89 Rue de Paris
    92210 CLICHY

It is preferable to contact us beforehand to enable us to identify the donations received for this event and possibly to provide a tax receipt to those who wish to receive one.

Upon receipt of your donation, we will send a letter to the family of the deceased to inform them of your gesture and to show them our support in this painful ordeal. At your request, we can also send them a handwritten note on a nice card. The amount of your donation will remain confidential.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to send us an e-mail to or to contact Pascaline Bazart, our Charity & Major Donors Officer, on +33 1 76 21 87 00.

> Download the memorial donation form


93.1% of our resources are allocated to our missions on the ground, helping those most dispossessed

This figure reflects a strategic choice based on our concept of humanitarian action. We feel that our funds should be used to give maximum benefit to populations in distress, and whom we work to help on a daily basis, rather than being swallowed up in management costs.
The SOLIDARITÉS INTERNATIONAL head office has its own Accounting and Management department. Each and every international mission also has its own administrative and financial team. The office staff also includes an experienced Treasurer. Everyone is careful to respect our rigorous donation management principles.
This figure also demonstrates the trust shown in us by major institutional partners, who recognize how well we manage our donations. These include the United Nations, the European Union, France, the UK, French authorities and water companies, and corporate foundations, etc.
You can download our latest accounts, or request a copy by calling +33 (0)


Rigor and transparency

The association’s annual accounts are inspected and certified by an auditor. They are available to view in our annual report.
SOLIDARITÉS INTERNATIONAL was one of the first associations to implement an internal audit department. Furthermore, our accounts are certified by Auditeurs & Conseils Associés, statutory auditors. The profit and loss account is presented and voted on every year at the General Meeting.
> Find out more.


A “donate with confidence” accredited association

SOLIDARITÉS INTERNATIONAL is certified by the Charter Committee for “Don en Confiance”, an accreditation and inspection body for French associations and foundations that appeal for donations. This means that SOLIDARITÉS INTERNATIONAL, like almost 80 other organizations, strives to respect the principles governing the statutory operational framework and not-for-profit management, financial transparency, management rigor, and the quality of communications and fundraising schemes.
For more information, go to:
If you require any information about your donation, please contact us at:


Your donation is tax deductible

75% of your donation amount is tax deductible, up to a maximum of €1000 per year. After this, the deduction rate is 66% of your donation, up to a maximum of 20% of your net taxable income. If you exceed this limit, the excess will entitle you to a tax credit over the next five years. If you donate €65, i.e. €16.25 after tax, you can ensure that an entire family has sustainable access to drinking water, for example.
Taking advantage of the tax exemption scheme encouraged by the State means that your support can help us to save lives, deliver dignified, essential aid and provide on the ground support for victims of war and natural disasters.

Our Donor Relations Office is on hand to answer your questions and help you with any administrative issues. You can contact us by e-mail at or at +33 1 87 64 48 79

Donor Relations Office

Your donation

35 i.e. €8.75 after tax deduction

A dignity kit Will provide an entire family with a dignity kit

Make a donation

80 i.e. €20 after tax deduction

Drinking Water will provide five families with a month's supply of drinking water

Make a donation

102 i.e. €25.50 after tax deduction

South Sudan Will provide access to a handwashing tap for 50 people

Make a donation
93,1%of our resources are allocated to the populations we help.

This figure reflects a strategic choice based on our concept of humanitarian action.