Amélie Cardon

Deputy Director of Operations for Programme

Following her studies in Public Health, Amélie CARDON began her career in Chad where she worked with the Guinea worm disease eradication program. She discovered Solidarités International upon her return to France in 2013. She then developed, with the Technical and Quality Department of the Programs, an innovative approach to hygiene promotion in the DRC.

Amélie then became involved with Action Contre la Faim in the fight against the Ebola epidemic in Sierra Leone and Liberia. At the end of 2015, she joined Solidarités International as Program Manager for the DRC, Kenya, Somalia, South Sudan and Haiti.

After 2 years dedicated to the fight against HIV, malaria and tuberculosis, Amélie will rejoin Solidarités International in 2021 as Deputy Director of Operations for Programs “with the desire to accompany our organization through its new commitments such as development.”

SOLIDARITÉS INTERNATIONAL is an adaptable humanitarian actor that demonstrates a strong capacity to challenge the status quo and to innovate in order to bring quality aid to its beneficiaries. As Deputy Director of Operations for Programs, I am taking up this challenge with our teams to create and reinvent our intervention methods for a more concrete and sustainable humanitarian impact.

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