Kevin Goldberg


Kevin Goldberg began his career working with members of parliament and local government representatives, first in Brussels then in Paris. In 2013 he joined the office of the Chairman of the Executive Board of SOS GROUP, Europe’s leading social enterprise, as head of development and partnerships. In 2017, he took part in the creation of the group’s International Action section, of which he then became General Manager. At the same time, he is in charge of the management of GROUPE SOS Pulse, an entity specialized in the development of support systems for social entrepreneurs in France and abroad. In January 2021, Kevin Goldberg joins the humanitarian NGO SOLIDARITÉS INTERNATIONAL as Chief Executive Officer. Kevin is a graduate of Sciences Po Grenoble, the College of Europe and Paris Dauphine University.

SOLIDARITÉS INTERNATIONAL is one of those few organizations that have at the heart of their mandate the support of the most vulnerable people on this planet, those who face crises and conflicts and struggle daily for their survival. At a time when the world is witnessing crises piling up and becoming stronger than ever, it is with a strong sense of responsibility, but also with the ambition to bring a complementary vision to those of my colleagues coming from the humanitarian sector that I take up this position.

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