Taking aid further

In the areas worst hit by the crises

Having provided humanitarian aid over several decades in some of the worst hit places, SOLIDARITÉS INTERNATIONAL responds to the basic necessities of the most vulnerable, relieves their suffering, and enables them to retain their dignity and cope with even the most challenging of situations.

Based on the concept of need, this remit translates into delivering water, sanitation and hygiene aid, as well as food security and shelter. How? By supplying aid directly to those who need it, as quickly and efficiently as possible, and in a manner that is both sustainable, participative and effectively coordinated. But not only.

Working closely alongside those in need, SOLIDARITÉS INTERNATIONAL also has a duty and a responsibility to record and bear witness, as stipulated by its charter, so that people’s voices are heard and their realities exposed. This way, we can raise awareness among the media, the general public and decision-makers. This can only help us make our support more efficient and the way it is delivered more pertinent.
Taking aid further bearing witness.

Populations at risk

Emergencies. Emergencies follow a crisis – which can often be brutal – resulting from a natural disaster, a political impasse or the threat of an epidemic. Suddenly, normal daily life is turned upside down.

Responding to emergencies

During a conflict, a natural disaster or an epidemic, people’s basic necessities – food, water, shelter – must be provided as quickly and as efficiently as possible, and with the ultimate respect for those in need.

Combatting waterborne diseases

Following a natural disaster, population displacement or a war, the lack of drinking water and inadequate sanitary conditions – often aggravated by overcrowding – can generate considerable risks to health and for the survival of those injured.

Fighting food and
economic insecurity

800 million people are still suffering from hunger. That’s 1 in 10 people worldwide. The causes can be multiple: conflicts, natural disasters and increases in world food prices are just some.

Long-term aid

In situations where there is a high risk of natural disasters, epidemics and wars, SOLIDARITÉS INTERNATIONAL helps to strengthen local communities’ ability to withstand such events.

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