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Prioritizing humanitarian action

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Our accounts

In 2023, the organisation’s total expenditure was 192€ million (compared to 137€ million in 2022).




Annual report 2023

Rigorous management

94% of our resources are allocated to our operations on the ground, helping those most diprived.  

This figure reflects a strategic choice based on our concept of humanitarian action. SOLIDARITÉS INTERNATIONAL has always ensured that the funds available to the organization are put to the best possible use for the benefit of those in distress and whom we are working to help, day in day out, rather than being swallowed up in management costs.

This figure also demonstrates the trust shown in us by major institutional partners, who recognize how well we manage our donations. These include the United Nations, the European Union, France, the UK and water companies, and corporate foundations, etc.
The SOLIDARITÉS INTERNATIONAL head office has its own Accounting and Management department. Each and every country office also has its own administrative and financial team. The association Steerin Committee also includes an experienced Treasurer. Everyone is careful to respect our rigorous donation management principles.

You can download our 2023 accounts, or request a copy by calling +33 (0)

Efficiency through transparency

CERTIFIED accounts

The association’s annual accounts are inspected and audited by auditing firm Auditeurs & Conseils Associés. Accounts are presented and voted on every year at the General Assembly. They can all be viewed in our annual report.


95 of our projects are audited by external firms

Every year, our partners commission specialist firms to audit our funding contracts. 95 projects are audited in this way at head office or directly on the ground, in order to confirm they are being properly managed, i.e. total expenses of €91.9 million in 2023.


A unique and innovative internal auditing service

So as to optimize its operational capacity and the overall quality of its projects, SOLIDARITÉS INTERNATIONAL was one of the first French NGOs to set up its own internal auditing department. The Ethics & Internal Audit service enables the association to deliver the best possible management of its financial resources, its purchases and its HR.

Adhering to the basic principles enshrined in the auditing code of ethics – integrity, objectivity, confidentiality and competence -, members of the Ethics & Internal Audit service carry out on the ground audits of over half our country offices every year, as well as of head office. They also require country offices to conduct organizational self-assessments once a year.

Always mindful of the need to optimize our operations, AGIR issues recommendations and monitors their implementation, while respecting our internal regulations and those of our financial partners.


These are just some of the commitments enabling SOLIDARITĖS INTERNATIONAL to deliver effective, on-the-ground humanitarian aid that always mirrors needs as closely as possible.