Leave a legacy

Bequests, life insurance, gifts... Leave a legacy as a gift of life!

Water means life. It is the world’s most pressing humanitarian issue. Providing clean, running, drinking water is the best possible present you could ever give to children and their families. Just a few simple steps and you can offer life through a legacy, a gift or life insurance.

Leaving part of your estate to SOLIDARITÉS INTERNATIONAL, an association authorized to receive legacies, donations and life insurance, means helping us in our fight to provide safe drinking water for all. It means turning a well-meaning gesture into the enduring gift of life, from you to those who would otherwise have no future.


A bequest is written into your will, and provides a vehicle for you to determine exactly who will inherit your assets. By doing this, you can ensure your estate will be used meaningfully in the future. You can bequeath all or just a portion of your estate to SOLIDARITÉS INTERNATIONAL

Your legacy to SOLIDARITÉS INTERNATIONAL is completely free from inheritance tax liability. The assets that you leave will be transferred to our association in full, and will enable us to fund our missions worldwide, helping the most vulnerable.


  • Proportionate legacy : You decide to bequeath a portion of your estate or a portion of a particular category of your estate.
  • Residuary legacy: You choose to leave all your estate to one particular person or association, if you have no rightful heirs. You can also name several legatees.
  • Specific legacy: Choose this option is you would prefer to leave our association a specific item (for example, a sum of money, a house, etc.).


You can nominate SOLIDARITÉS INTERNATIONAL as the beneficiary, or one of the beneficiaries, of your life insurance policy. Life insurance is a savings agreement whereby at the end of the contract term you transfer a capital sum (in full or partially) to designated beneficiaries or to yourself.

Taking out life insurance to benefit SOLIDARITÉS INTERNATIONAL is a really easy, flexible and efficient way to fulfil your humanitarian commitment aims to help the most vulnerable:

  • Once you start saving, you accumulate capital gains that are essential for our future missions;
  • You will enjoy a favorable taxation regime (exemption from payments, for example);
  • You’ll be free to make withdrawals and payments, on both a regular and an occasional basis;
  • The sums invested can be transferred in the event of the policy holder’s death; they can also be paid to the beneficiary inter vivos.
  • As life insurance does not displace any rightful heirs, you are accomplishing a useful and life-giving gesture without disinheriting your direct heirs;
  • 100% of funds transferred are available to SOLIDARITÉS INTERNATIONAL, as the association is not subject to transfer and inheritance taxes.

You can choose from two options:

  • You can take out a new life insurance policy with your bank or insurance company, naming SOLIDARITÉS INTERNATIONAL as the beneficiary.
  • You can amend one of your current policies, by naming us as one of the beneficiaries.

e.g.: I have decided that the SOLIDARITÉS INTERNATIONAL association will receive 25% of the amounts paid into the designated policy.


Donating is a procedure which must be done by a solicitor. It allows you to make an immediate donation of either money or an asset, to SOLIDARITÉS INTERNATIONAL, during your lifetime.

There are several types of gifts:

Full ownership

This is where you decide to transfer an asset immediately and exclusively.

e.g.: You give us an item of value by gifting. From this moment onwards, we become owners of this item which will be sold to fund our missions on the ground to help those most in need.

Bare ownership

You would like to give your item to the association whilst retaining enjoyment (usufruct) of it for yourself, or for another person you have named.

e.g.: You gift us a house and you continue to retain enjoyment of it (usufruct). You can remain in the house, rent it out and charge rent without having to notify us.

Joint/multiple ownership

You give SOLIDARITÉS INTERNATIONAL the portion that you own as part of a multiple ownership arrangement

e.g.: You own a parking space with two other people. When you make your gift, we replace you in this multiple ownership arrangement and become partial owners.

Donation of temporary usufruct

You can decide to give the association usufruct on a temporary basis, i.e. income or use of a movable or immovable asset. This method of gifting can also involve withdrawing an asset from your estate for a pre-determined length of time, thereby reducing your tax.

e.g.: You gift us the rent for an asset for a pre-defined period of time. Upon your death, this asset will be reincorporated into your inheritance and we will no longer receive any money.

Our Donor Relations & Legacies Office is on hand to answer your questions and help you with any administrative issues. You can contact us by e-mail at servicelegs@solidarites.org or at +33 1 76 21 87 00