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Every year, our accounts are fully verified by audit Cabinet Auditeurs & Conseils Associés, as required by law. They certify our accounts which are then approved by the board during the organisation’s annual general assembly. We are also periodically inspected by our financial partners; part of our funding comes from institutional bodies such as ECHO (the humanitarian division of the European Union), as well as from other countries’ governmental aid programs.

Which internal controls does SOLIDARITÉS INTERNATIONAL implement?

We ensure that all means of internal controls are respected and reinforced and that the board and annual general assembly play their full role. Every quarter, management is held to account by the board regarding the major strategic and budgetary decisions, and every year regarding the allocation of the annual budget.  The steering committee meets every month to discuss the effectiveness of our spending and our accounts are approved every year during the organization’s annual general meeting.  Financial managers attached to the missions, as well as our team responsible for internal controls at head office, take a proactive approach by checking our processes on a daily basis.

You can have a look at our annual report via our website under “Our publications”. You can also request a hard copy by contacting our Donor Relations Office by telephone +33 1 87 64 48 79 or by filling in the form.

We only help where we can be of the most use. Our expertise is specialised: for example digging wells to provide access to clean drinking water. It is neither our vocation and nor are we equipped to respond to everyone, everywhere. We are not able to house the thousands of homeless people in France. There are specialist organizations working on this problem which are much more effective than we could be.

Unfortunately SOLIDARITÉS INTERNATIONAL is not in a position to give aid, financial or otherwise, to individuals. We carry out programmes in humanitarian crisis zones with established partner organizations.

Different ways to help us

Out of every €100 spent by SOLIDARITÉS INTERNATIONAL, €94 is spent on conducting international missions, €1.9 on the cost of appealing to the public’s generosity, and €4.1 on operating expenses (2023 figures).

By cheque : You can send us a cheque for a one-off donation by filling the form and mailing your donation to the following address:
SOLIDARITÉS INTERNATIONAL, 89 rue de Paris, 92110 CLICHY, France
Download the donation by cheque form

By debit or credit card : You can also donate via our website using your debit or credit card. Our online payment system is completely secure and you can donate in total confidence
Access the secure online payment area

By text to 92600 : Text EAU3 to donate €3, which will buy 3 days’ drinking water for one person in one of the 16 countries where we operate daily, EAU5 to donate €5 and EAU10 to donate €10.
These options are available in mainland France for Bouygues Telecom, Orange and SFR customers. The donation will appear on your mobile phone invoice the following month. To find out more, just text CONTACT to 92600.

By bank transfer : You can also make a transfer to our CCP 877 J Paris account

IMPORTANT: regardless of how you donate, you must ensure that your postal address is correctly listed so that we can identify you and subsequently send you your tax receipt. Should you opt to pay by bank transfer, you are advised to notify our Donor Relations Office on +33 1 87 64 48 79 or by email, to We have been unable to identify some donations in the past, as the person donating omitted to include their full name on the bank slip.

Paying by direct debit has numerous benefits for both you and SOLIDARITÉS INTERNATIONAL. Paying in this way means that you can give us long-term support, helping us to save significant sums of money and allocate even more funds to our programmes.

You can terminate your regular donation whenever you wish, free of charge. Just call us! It is important you notify the association before instructing your bank so that you can be sure your direct debit will be accepted, thereby preventing SOLIDARITÉS INTERNATIONAL from incurring unnecessary costs.
You can spread the cost of your donation over the year.
You’ll no longer receive our funding appeal letters, except in the case of severe emergencies or disasters.
Every month you’ll be sent your tax receipt summarizing all of your direct debit donations.
You can deduct from tax 75% of your total donation amount, up to a maximum amount of €531 per year. After this, the deduction rate is 66% of your donation, up to a maximum of 20% of your net taxable income. Once this limit is exceeded, the excess can be carried over across the next 5 years. This means that a €15 monthly donation would actually cost you just €3.75 per month.

Become a Water Carrier, and fight water that kills

Donating by direct debit is a much more efficient way of supporting SOLIDARITÉS INTERNATIONAL on a regular basis, where we can all work together to improve universal access to safe drinking water.
By becoming a member of our New Water Carriers movement, you’ll be helping our teams to provide victims of war and natural disasters with the means to protect themselves from the dangers of unsafe drinking water.

SOLIDARITÉS INTERNATIONAL, a 1901 Law association, is authorized to receive your bequests, gifts and life insurance, all of which are fully exempt from inheritance tax liability. For more information, please see our special section on this issue.

First of all, thank you for thinking of us during these special occasions. If you would like to discuss your plans with us, please feel free to contact our Donor Relations office by telephone +33 1 87 64 48 79 or by e-mail:

You can also design your own fundraising page to help rally support from your friends and colleagues to raise money for SOLIDARITÉS INTERNATIONAL’s relief work.

We highly value the work of our volunteers and they are always very welcome at SOLIDARITÉS INTERNATIONAL’s head office in Clichy.

If you would like to join us, please send us an application letter detailing any technical, management or administrative skills that could be of particular use, together with your availability. The address is: SOLIDARITÉS INTERNATIONAL – Donor relations department, 89 rue de Paris, 92110 CLICHY, France, or by filling in the form.

Your donor account and your contact details

You can let us know how much correspondence you wish to receive from us by calling our donor relations office by telephone +33 1 87 64 48 79.

Please let us know by contacting our donor relations office by telephone +33 1 87 64 48 79 or by filling in the form and also ensure that we have your email address.

All you have to do is complete and send us the change of address form. Alternatively, you can contact our donor relations office by telephone +33 1 87 64 48 79 or by filling in the form.

For all changes of address, please could you let us have your old address as well as your new one. We will update our records as soon as we hear from you, although please bear in mind that there is an unavoidable time lag between updating the information and it taking effect.

If you are just changing your bank account number without changing your bank, simply email us your new bank details to or send them by post to the following address:
SOLIDARITÉS INTERNATIONAL – Donor relations department– 89, RUE DE PARIS – 92110 CLICHY

If you have changed banks, you will need to send your new bank a direct debit authorization form. Please contact our Donor Relations Office either by post (SOLIDARITES INTERNATIONAL – Donor relations department – 89, RUE DE PARIS – 92110 CLICHY) or by email, so that she can send you the necessary documents.

If you wish to terminate your direct debit payments, either temporarily or permanently, you can notify us at any time by calling us on +33 1 87 64 48 79 between 9.00am and 5pm (CET) from Monday to Friday, or by emailing us at Please ensure you include all your details (full name and address).

NB: Your request to terminate your direct debit payments must reach us no later than the 20th of the month so that it takes effect by the 5th of the following month.

We’ll send you the tax receipt corresponding to your total donations during the first quarter of the year after debiting your account, i.e. shortly before your tax return, so that you don’t lose this important document.

We can issue duplicates on request. Please contact us using the form or by calling +33 1 87 64 48 79

Tax receipts and tax relief

We will send you a tax receipt, two to three weeks after receiving your one-off donation. If you are a French tax-payer, this entitles you to tax relief of 75% of the amount of your donation, up to a total of €1000 annually ((for 2020 donations on the 2021 tax declaration). Over and above €1000 you can deduct 66% of your donation, up to 20% of net taxable income. In this way a €15 donation only actually costs you €3.75.

For any further information, please feel free to contact our Donor Relations Office by telephone +33 1 87 64 48 79 or by e-mail :

Published in the Journal Officiel dated Wednesday 22 August under number 2007-1223, [the 2007-1223 law of 21 August 2007 governing employment, work and purchasing power], known as TEPA, created a new deduction scheme applicable from 2008 onwards whereby those donating to recognized public bodies are eligible for Wealth Tax relief. This option has not yet been extended to include associations. We will keep you informed as to any development in this law, should a new amendment be voted as part of the next Finance Law.

No, nothing will change. Deducting income tax at source only means a change in the way your taxes are collected. There will be no change to the conditions governing tax deductions, nor deductions relating to donations made to associations.

For example, if I donate €100 to SOLIDARITÉS INTERNATIONAL, I will be eligible for income tax relief of €75.

First of all please accept our apologies. If you haven’t received your tax receipt, it could be that we do not have the correct postal address, or that it has been lost in the post – a rare event, but nevertheless it can happen.

Just ask us and we will send you a duplicate. Please contact our donor relations office by telephone +33 1 87 64 48 79 or by filling in the form.

Please note: Have you informed us of a change of address or any other change in circumstances?

Personal data protection

Yes, as is the practice amongst organizations, unless our donors specifically ask us not to share their personal details. If you would prefer us not to share your details, please let us know by email :

However, rest assured that we fully abide by the guidelines laid down by the CNIL (French data privacy watchdog).

The Data Protection Act (article 27 of Law N° 78-17 of 6 January 1978) requires us to process any requests from our donors regarding the amendment or removal of their personal data as quickly as possible.

Legacies, gifts and life insurance policies

To ensure that your wishes are respected, we advise you to contact Pascaline Bazart, our Liberalities & Major Donors Officer, who is always available to talk to and help you take the necessary steps. If you wish, SOLIDARITÉS INTERNATIONAL can organize you funeral, sell your belongings, close your bank accounts, settle outstanding bills and make sure that your instructions are followed to the letter.

The services of a notary or a solicitor are compulsory when making a gift, but not for a legacy. Please direct any questions to Pascaline Bazart, our Liberalities & Major Donors Officer, by emailing: or by calling: +33 (0)

There are three different types of will:
• A hand-written will: the most common form. This is written entirely by your own hand, and is dated and signed.
• A formal will: this is drawn up by the notary or solicitor in line with your instructions, and in the presence of 2 witnesses or 2 notaries/solicitors.
• A spiritual will: this is the least common form of will. It is handed to the notary, signed and sealed, in the presence of two witnesses. Useful information: if you are making a hand-written will, to prevent it going missing or being falsified, you are advised to deposit the will for safe keeping with a notary or solicitor, who will register it on the central database for last wills and testaments.

The central database for last wills and testaments was created in 1975, with the aim of respecting the requests of testators. Unless you object, all formal wills are registered on this database by the notary/solicitor. Any amendments or cancellations are also recorded in the database. Only documents drawn up prior to 1975 are not included, but these may be incorporated into the database upon request. If you opt for a hand-written will, you can have this registered on the database for a fee of approximately €70.

You don’t have to, but it is preferable to do so and avoids any problems arising from a drafting error and also ensures that your will can be found. You could send a copy to your solicitor and also to Pascaline Bazart, our Liberalities & Major Donors Officer (tél. : +.33 (0) / Or you could send your will to Pascaline and ask her to liaise with your solicitor.

I cannot find the answer to my question

Please direct any further questions to our Donor Relations Office, by emailing: or by calling at +33 1 87 64 48 79.