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At SOLIDARITÉS INTERNATIONAL, we believe in the increasing involvement of businesses in humanitarian action. Regardless of their size, they play a key role in our emergency responses; in our basic drinking water and sanitation infrastructure rebuilding and access projects.
Financial sponsorship, skills sponsorship, donations in kind, socially responsible products and services, internal mobilization and research partnerships are just some of the ways in which we can get involved and work together to help the most vulnerable communities.

Financial sponsorship

Provide financial support for an emergency response operation or a rebuilding project. Areas include natural disasters and risk prevention, conflicts, migratory crises, access to drinking water and sanitation, and income-generating activities. The diversity of these crises and our focus areas means we can work together to identify a project that matches your desire to help.

We undertake to allocate your regular or occasional donation or gift to the country and project of your choice. You’ll be kept informed by our teams about how the mission is progressing, via regular activity reports and through our special relationship.
The partner businesses and foundations of SOLIDARITÉS INTERNATIONAL enjoy tax relief of 60% on their donation, up to a maximum of 0.5% of their turnover (Article 238a of the General Tax Code).



Since 2009, the Althémis notary network has supported SOLIDARITÉS INTERNATIONAL. Each year, Althémis financially supports our interventions in various countries, such as Afghanistan, Syria, Iraq and Niger.

As both an operational and financial partner, the Abbé Pierre Foundation has supported SOLIDARITÉS INTERNATIONAL in the implementation of its actions in France and Ukraine. 

Skills sponsorship

Enable your employees to collaborate with our teams at head office and on the ground, on both short and medium term projects. It’s an opportunity for them to work in a different and extremely fulfilling environment. And it’s an opportunity for you to communicate a message to your customers and all interested parties about a high-impact, win-win partnership.

For SOLIDARITÉS INTERNATIONAL, it is the possibility to expand a team, develop a new activity, benefit from occasional expertise, improve its organization… In 2022, our skill sponsorships provided our organization with more than €300,000 of free services.
Under certain conditions, our skills sponsors enjoy tax relief of 60% on the valued total of their service, up to a maximum of 0.5% of their turnover excluding VAT (Article 238a of the General Tax Code). Contact us to discuss your skills and our requirements.


Employees from Orange have been committing to SOLIDARITÉS INTERNATIONAL since 2016 on support missions focusing on information systems, telecoms, logistics, as well as partnership and project development. Orange has been beside our teams every day, bringing skills and know-how in key areas for our organisation.

In 2023, ASTEK committed to supporting SOLIDARITÉS INTERNATIONAL teams through skills-based volunteering. Thanks to the expertise of its employees in project management, data, web, software, and logistics, ASTEK enhances the efficiency of our internal projects and initiatives. 

Since 2019, Wavestone has been working alongside SOLIDARITÉS INTERNATIONAL to provide its expertise in digital transformation and management. Wavestone’s employees accompany our teams on a daily basis on logistics support missions, transformation and evolution of our information systems.

Internal mobilisation campaign

You can organize internal collection events among your employees, all year round, or for emergencies only. You can choose to top up this collection and supplement it with financial sponsorship.

We’ll sent you a mobilization kit appropriate to your particular needs, including communication tools, an online donation module bearing your corporate livery, and a monthly donation tracker, etc. Every year, our SOLIDARITÉS INTERNATIONAL team will visit your business to talk to you about the impact of the actions that your fundraising has made possible.

Donations made by your employees and your business are tax deductible.

For more information about our mobilization kit, and for advice on how to set up an internal campaign, please get in touch!




In February 2023, following the earthquakes that affaceted Turkey and Syria, we were able to count on the mobilization of our partners and their employees to help those who had survived the disaster in Syria. BUT International and BearingPoint France supported our actions by creating internal fundraising campaigns for their employees through the HelloAsso platform. 

Socially responsible products and services

Donate a portion of the sale price of one of your products or services to SOLIDARITÉS INTERNATIONAL. Straightforward and unifying, this type of partnership responds to a socially responsible consumer demand that is ever-increasing, enhancing value for all those involved.

Your business chooses to reduce its margins in order to bolster its image and set itself apart from its competitors. It’s a way of increasing sales, attracting new customers, inspiring greater loyalty and strengthening the commitment of your employees.

Under certain conditions, socially responsible products and services can give rise to tax deductions.

Got an idea? Need some advice? Get in touch!



Partner since 2015, AGNES B mobilized again in 2022 alongside the NGO, choosing to market a poster whose revenues were donated to the emergency fund of SOLIDARITÉS INTERNATIONAL. 

PISCINES MAGILINE has supported SOLIDARITÉS INTERNATIONAL since 2013, by donating a portion of its profits from every pool sold in France.

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Research partnerships

In conjunction with your sustainable development and research policies, you can work with our teams of experts, designing the humanitarian intervention technologies and methods of the future.

Increasingly involved in research, SOLIDARITÉS INTERNATIONAL forges partnerships with private sector players, enabling them to play a highly practical role in improving how we respond to the needs of those at risk.

Got an idea? Then why not get in touch, so we can discuss the areas best suited to both your expertise and the needs on the ground, as well as what form operations should take.




Since 2012, the Veolia Foundation has been working alongside SOLIDARITÉS INTERNATIONAL, providing its expertise in water, sanitation and hygiene as well as in operational research to carry out its humanitarian activities.

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