Anywhere and at any time, a political conflict can arise, a natural disaster can strike and an epidemic can spread. In these emergency situations, populations are more dependent than ever on humanitarian aid to meet their primary needs: food, water and shelter.

In the majority of its operations, SOLIDARITÉS INTERNATIONAL intervenes following an emergency. Since 1980, thanks to their experience in many countries, the NGO’s teams have been able to develop this emergency response to ensure its efficiency.

From a human point of view, a team is on constant alert for the different emergencies that can occur in any region of the world. Thanks to this experienced team, SOLIDARITÉS INTERNATIONAL is able to provide a humanitarian response only 72 hours after the start of a crisis.

These short response times are also made possible by an emergency stockpile. The NGO is thus able to respond quickly and effectively to the primary needs of a population: water purification kits, latrine construction kits, hygiene kits and shelter construction kits.

In the field, particularly after sudden natural disasters, the distribution of kits and the setting up of infrastructures is favored in order to bring the population to safety as quickly as possible. In the face of conflict, solutions can vary, through the distribution of materials, food or cash with the aim of empowering the population. As for epidemic crises, the urgency of the intervention implies a rapid deployment of water, sanitation and hygiene responses.

These different rapid response programs provide immediate support to men, women and children affected by the severity of the crises.

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