Standing with the Afghan people
5.5 million internally displaced persons
18.4 million people in need of humanitarian assistance
18,844,000 people in food crisis/emergency situation
13,840 beneficiaries


For several decades, Afghanistan has been marked by political instability, numerous internal and international conflicts, massive displacement, and natural disasters.

In addition to these crises, Afghanistan also suffers from significant structural weaknesses related to a deficit in agricultural production, an undiversified economy, lack of public service capacity, and infrastructure deficiencies. The humanitarian crisis that has prevailed in Afghanistan for more than 40 years has taken a new turn in the summer of 2021 with the withdrawal of NATO troops and the takeover of power by the Taliban.

In order to mitigate the negative impacts of this environment on the lives of Afghan men and women, our teams have been operating in the country since 1980. After a break in operations in 2019/2020, SOLIDARITÉS INTERNATIONAL has resumed its activities for an emergency humanitarian response to the economic and food crisis, disasters and extreme weather conditions, as well as the collapse of public services that affect the most vulnerable Afghans.

Indeed, due to the lack of available food, rising market prices, and falling household incomes, the Afghan people are now facing severe food insecurity – nearly 19 million people are in a food crisis. They are also faced with very limited access to basic services and for some, very precarious living conditions that are particularly alarming as the cold winter approaches.

  • 38 928 341 inhabitants
  • 72% poverty rate
  • 169th out of 189 countries on the Human Development Index

Our action

  • Mission
    opened in 1980, 2021
  • Team 6 international staff
    40 national staff
  • Budget 650 000€

In order to assist the most vulnerable people affected by conflicts or natural disasters, SOLIDARITÉS INTERNATIONAL teams provided an immediate response to their essential needs: food, shelter, hygiene. Actions carried out within the framework of the Emergency Response Mechanism, which brings together several NGOs, have enabled us to cover a large part of the country.

SOLIDARITÉS INTERNATIONAL has intervened in a large number of provinces, in particular in the provinces of Bamyan, Wardak, Kunduz, Pakitika, but also in the Gulan camp in Khost, with families displaced by the conflict, refugees, and host communities. SOLIDARITÉS INTERNATIONAL has stood by the Afghan people for decades, developing emergency actions when necessary and long-term actions to build resilience, agricultural production, or access to water in a sustainable way.

After a suspension of its activities in December 2018, SOLIDARITÉS INTERNATIONAL conducted an exploratory mission in October 2021, combined with a needs assessment, and initiated emergency activities (winter kits, food assistance, and rehabilitation of water points). The change of regime and its economic consequences are indeed generating an extension of the needs calling for a mobilization of all. SOLIDARITÉS INTERNATIONAL’s teams will remain at the side of the Afghan people.

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