Urgent needs on the front line
11 million people in need
3 million displaced people
48% of displaced people are children
8,000 helped people


Even though 11 million people are in need of humanitarian assistance and the country already numbers some 3 million displaced people, large waves of displaced populations are expected in 2017 now that the Iraqi army has regained zones controlled by the Islamic State Organization.

Humanitarian aid is starting to reach those in the eastern districts of Mosul, as well as a corridor south of the city, but needs remain acute. Priorities include providing access to drinking water, hygiene and sanitation, as well as rehabilitating water supply infrastructures that have largely been destroyed by the war.
In the Mosul region, needs are critical for the 163,000 plus displaced families in and out of camps, as well as for those living in host communities.
The five bridges linking the east and west banks of Mosul have been destroyed, preventing the city’s residents from fleeing. Fighting has already driven many inhabitants southwards, mainly to the towns of Qayarah, Hamam Al Halil and Al-Shura.

  • 38 million inhabitants
  • 18.9% poverty rate
  • 121st out of 188 on the Human Development Index

Our action

This is not the first time SOLIDARITÉS INTERNATIONAL has provided aid in Iraq.  Our teams have been providing drinking water and improving health conditions in the country since 1992, helping up to 77,000 people.

In order to improve the current living conditions of those affected by the conflict and to combat water-borne diseases, the teams at SOLIDARITÉS INTERNATIONAL supply the most vulnerable with drinking water and give them dignity kits. Actions aimed at helping 8,000 people will prioritize households with a female head. The dignity kit typically includes a toothbrush, soap and sanitary towels, and is designed to provide a minimum level of hygiene.

Our impact

water sanitation

Water, hygiene and purification

8 000 people helped

– Distribution of 15 liters of drinking water per person a day, by tanker
– Distribution kits of dignity
– Promotion of the hygiene

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