Restoring livelihoods in Taqba, Northeast Syria

Published on Friday 26 April 2024

In Tabqa city, SOLIDARITÉS INTERNATIONAL provided economic support through rehabilitation of markets, and business trainings for its vendors. 

With the Syrian crisis entering its 13th year, Syrians are now experiencing one of the worst economic fallouts since the start of the conflict. Northeast Syria has been particularly impacted, with the depletion of agricultural resources, a major water crisis, rises in cost of living, breakdown of markets and other productive infrastructures. These multiple crises have crippled people’s livelihoods, pushing them towards negative coping mechanisms where households are forced to sell essential assets, facing increased food insecurity and taking children out of school and putting them to work in an attempt to meet the basic living costs of the household. 

In Tabqa city, SOLIDARITÉS INTERNATIONAL developed an integrated and market-driven project, rehabilitating two essential markets, and supporting its vendors. This project both developed income-generating activities, and improved access to essential services, alleviating the impact of the multifaceted crisis laid out above and allowing households to cover their food and basic needs. 



This project is carried out by SOLIDARITÉS INTERNATIONAL with the support of the French Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs.

Header photo : © Juliette Pedram / SOLIDARITÉS INTERNATIONAL

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