Refugees in their own country
13.5 million people in need
69% of the population lives in extreme poverty
11.1 million refugees or displaced persons
40,897 people helped


The sixth year of the civil war in Syria that began in 2011 as a grassroots, pro-democracy movement was marked by a surge in fighting and violence against civilians, with the conflict becoming an increasingly international affair.

Humanitarian aid for those trapped in the country is extremely difficult to access in this crisis, widely considered to be the worst since the Second World War.

The Aleppo Governorate accommodates the largest number of people directly affected by the crisis, i.e. 2.8 million people. They are unable to access their own income sources, and have spent all of their savings.

  • 22 million inhabitants
  • 85.2% poverty rate
  • 134th out of 188 on the Human Development Index

Our action

  • Mission
    opened in 2012
  • Team 5 international staff
    27 national staff
  • Budget €1.18 M

Active in the Aleppo Governorate since 2013, SOLIDARITÉS INTERNATIONAL provides access to drinking water, sanitation and hygiene for displaced Syrians as well as those hosting them. Beyond distributing drinking water, building toilets and showers and providing the most vulnerable families with basic hygiene packs, our teams are also supporting medical facilities managed by local NGOs. Aid is delivered directly into the hands of those who need it, by our Syrian teams, who also bear the full brunt of the conflict.

Water has been delivered by tanker during the most critical periods. Toilets and showers have also been built. Our teams distribute cleaning and dignity kits to those in need, alongside campaigns designed to raise awareness of good practices. These campaigns are also aimed at those working in health facilities where SOLIDARITÉS INTERNATIONAL is building water, sanitation and hygiene infrastructures, which are essential if hospitals are to ensure that they are clean and hygienic.
At a time when those in Aleppo are trapped by a particularly violent military offensive, the priority of our teams in Syria is to improve their access to vital and dignified humanitarian assistance, at any cost.

Our impact

Cash for work

34,332 people helped

food security

Livelihoods support

6,565 people helped

– Introduced a mobile veterinary clinic
– Distributed market gardening and food crop seeds
– Distributed livestock (sheep, chickens)

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Thomas Janny


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