Live from the field



SOLIDARITÉS INTERNATIONAL first entered the humanitarian field in 1980, in Afghanistan. The most vulnerable populations in the area received access to water points.

Since 1980, the NGO has intervened in many other territories, from France to Mali, Iraq and Colombia. The objective remains the same for all: to help men, women and children by covering their primary needs, allowing them to have sustainable access to water, sanitation, hygiene, diversified livelihoods and safe housing.

SOLIDARITÉS INTERNATIONAL implements emergency responses, often focusing on water, sanitation and hygiene programs. Operations focused on strengthening food security and livelihoods are also conducted. In addition, the NGO also develops medium and long-term solutions to make populations less vulnerable to crises and less dependent on NGOs.

In the field, operations are carried out by committed, but above all, professional teams. Conscientious and motivated, SOLIDARITÉS INTERNATIONAL employees strive to provide the best possible support to populations affected by various crises.

In a context where political and armed conflicts, natural or climatic disasters, and epidemics are multiplying, the need for humanitarian aid is increasing in many areas. The NGO’s work is becoming increasingly necessary and therefore often intervenes in new areas. Today, SOLIDARITÉS INTERNATIONAL teams are present in Africa, the Middle East, Asia and even South America, where populations and crises are complex and where the solutions developed are innovative.

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