Innovation : a chatbot to communicate with the people who benefit from our actions

Published on Thursday 17 February 2022

In many countries, communication between our teams and the people who benefit from our actions can be affected by travel restrictions or various limitations, such as safety concerns, natural disasters, epidemics, etc… And if hotlines do exist, they are often too expensive.

To address this issue, SOLIDARITÉS INTERNATIONAL teams have created a chatbot on WhatsApp, which not only allows people to interact with our organisation free of charge and 24 hours a day, but also to access a multitude of services and information. Through the application, users of this tool can exchange with the organisation, obtain information on available aid, have access to lists of useful contacts, or register requests for assistance.

To facilitate the monitoring and improvement of the projects implemented, large-scale participatory surveys on the satisfaction of the people assisted, and the needs not covered, can be completed directly on the chatbot.

Finally, the tool is equipped with a Machine Learning module that allows users to ask questions via a voice command and immediately receive the appropriate answer: it is not necessary to know how to write to use the service. This feature aims for greater inclusion of all the people targeted.

SOLIDARITÉS INTERNATIONAL is the first NGO to provide such an advanced bot on a global level. It was developed and tested for the first time in Lebanon for people living in refugee camps. Its content was developed with the communities concerned and with the support of the GSM Association. It has earned a great success and could be deployed in other countries in which our NGO intervenes.

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