Mali: 161 families in need in Kidal

Published on Thursday 31 August 2017

Last July hostilities between armed groups in Kidal forced 847 people to leave their homes. SOLIDARITÉS INTERNATIONAL set up an emergency response for displaced people.

SOLIDARITÉS INTERNATIONAL takes action to assist people in precarious and vulnerable situations. Our teams provide households with drinking water, they receive 20 litres of water per person per day. Our teams also distribute water purification tablets to treat 10m3 per day.

Among them: 186 men, 288 woman and 373 children.

Displaced families receive hygiene kits that include 1 tank, 1 plastic bucket, 1 jerrycan, 2 cups and 6 pieces of soap. “450 kits have already been distributed to the families displaced in the city of Kidal and 280 are currently distributed to the households around the city”, states Ildevert Mboungou, Field Coordinator for SOLIDARITÉS INTERNATIONAL in Kidal. Our teams also conduct a campaign to raise hygiene awareness and prevent waterborne diseases.

This operation is an emergency response to the need stemming from the endless conflict in Northern Mali.


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