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SOLIDARITÉS INTERNATIONAL was founded in 1980 in Afghanistan.

In more than 40 years of action, SOLIDARITÉS INTERNATIONAL has become a leading humanitarian actor and has acquired a remarkable expertise in access to water, sanitation, hygiene, food security, and the construction or rehabilitation of shelters. Various publications are produced each year to showcase its actions in these areas, their releases representing key highlights for the association.

Through actions aimed at the general public – such as forums, web-conferences, exhibitions, documentaries… -, organized throughout the year, our NGO is able to present its mandate and activities and to report on the situations observed in the field.

Portraits of those who actively participate in the operations of the association are also regularly featured: the people who benefit from our actions as well as the teams in the field and at our headquarters (employees, assistants, volunteers, members…).

Finally, the life of the association is characterized by its general assembly, during which the members of SOLIDARITÉS INTERNATIONAL elect the board of directors, approve the moral and financial reports of the past year and determine the guidelines for the years to come.

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