Meet Aménis Khaldi-Legriel, Social Media and Community Manager

Published on Monday 20 March 2023

How did you come to work for SOLIDARITÉS INTERNATIONAL?  

I started at the NGO in February 2021, as a digital assistant in the communications department. A year later, at the end of my studies, I contacted my tutor at SOLIDARITÉS INTERNATIONAL to ask if she knew of any job opportunities in humanitarian communications. She told me that the Communications department had an opening for a Social Media and Community Manager. How fortunate! So I went through the interview process and took up my position in October 2022 

What are your day-to-day responsibilities?  

My main role is to develop our content on social networks, in order to attract new audiences, retain existing ones and encourage them to get involved with us.   

My day-to-day work ranges from moderating on social networks to writing video scripts, as well as content writing and monitoring.   

What motivates you in your work?  

I like the fact that I’m part of an NGO that has a real impact on people, but which is also constantly looking for ways to improve the international aid system. I feel part of a community committed to their work. Everyone makes its own contribution. 

Together, we can help those in need with dignity and sustainably.

In my opinion, social networks are a real strength, by raising awareness of issues to which we can’t turn a blind eye. We sometimes play the role of the media, since we have access to information that others don’t have. This information enables us to highlight the crises faced by populations and the actions we implement to help them. My mission is to ensure that our social networks reflect our association and its values.