Nigeria: The place to be for an aid worker

Published on Friday 27 January 2017

A food crisis and challenging security lead to an expanding mission, with special HR benefits. SI has been operating in Borno State since July 2016, and is strongly focusing on the massive life-threatening needs of the conflict-affected populations.

Nigeria humanitarian

Malnutrition rates for children under-5 in Borno State, north-eastern Nigeria, are alarming. Communities hosting families displaced by the conflict between the Nigerian army and Boko Haram, as well as IDP camps, are overpopulated and cannot face the extra strain on their resources. Solidarités International teams have mostly been focusing their efforts on providing water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) in health centres in Maiduguri and Monguno, in partnership with a medical NGO.

In Maiduguri’s Muna Garaje district, teams are also distributing vouchers for food to fight the extreme vulnerability of populations settled there.

With the aim to address the essential needs of populations affected by the conflict, Solidarités International teams are also conducting rapid interventions in areas recently liberated from the Boko Haram group.

Thierry Benlahsen, Head of the Emergency Desk, insists on the quality profiles needed.

For the coming months, the following positions are required:

  • 1 Deputy Head of Mission
  • 1 Logistic Coordinator
  • 1 WASH Coordinator
  • 1 Shelter Coordinator
  • 1 HR Coordinator
  • 2 Logistics program support functions for Monguno and Dikwa sub-bases based in Maiduguri
  • 1 Administrative and Logistics Manager based in Dikwa
  • 1 Multi sector PM for Dikwa (wash as main activity)
  • 206 million inhabitants
  • 39% of the population live below the national poverty line
  • 161st out of 189 on the Human Development Index
  • 460,000 people helped