Providing multi-sectoral emergency assistance
6.6 million people affected in residential areas
8,620 total victims


On September 8, 2023, a magnitude 6.8 earthquake struck Morocco.

On September 8, 2023, a magnitude 6.8 earthquake struck Morocco. The epicenter of the telluric tremor was located in the province of Al Haouz, southwest of the city of Marrakech. The latest official death toll was 2,946, with considerable damage estimated at around 8% of the country’s GDP.   

Discrepancies between government and international estimates suggest that between 380,000 and 2.8 million people were affected by the earthquake damage, with the wider area home to almost 6.6 million residents.   

An estimated 500,000 people have been internally displaced. Rescue operations have cleared essential roads, notably in the Ighil area of Al Haouz province. However, access remains a problem in the remote villages of the High Atlas Mountains, compounded by deteriorating road conditions and potential weather problems.   

Today, while the main roads in Al Haouz have been reopened, problems such as vehicle congestion and flight restrictions continue to slow down rescue operations. 

  • 38,7 million inhabitants
  • 123 out of 191 countries on the Human Development Index

Our action

  • Mission
    opened in 2023
  • Team 2 international staff
    3 national staff
  • Budget 120,000€

In the early days following the earthquake, SOLIDARITÉS INTERNATIONAL teams carried out an exploratory mission, targeting the most remote and inaccessible villages in the Atlas Mountains.   

By supporting a local NGO, SOLIDARITÉS INTERNATIONAL will bring emergency water, sanitation, hygiene and winterization aid to some of these villages.   

SOLIDARITÉS INTERNATIONAL will also make available to local NGOs a specialist in emergency response in water, sanitation and hygiene in order to extend our expertise to other villages not targeted by our partners’ activities. 


Migrations & Développement

Our impact

water sanitation

Water, sanitation and hygene

  • Response to emergencies  
  • Technical support and assistance for infrastructures
  • Enable access to infrastructure for the most vulnerable


  • Provision of winterization supplies
people helped

Community resilience

  • Capacity building/technical emergency in water, sanitation and hygiene  
  • Support for local organizations  
  • Community mobilization 

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