Burkina Faso

Drinking water for the displaced and their hosts
23,500 displaced persons
950,000 people food insecure during the 2018 lean season
80% of displaced households have less than 15 litres of water per person per day
18,000 people helped


The security and political crisis in Mali has gradually pushed the entire region into a situation of fragility and permanent insecurity, to which Burkina Faso is particularly confronted.

The country has been targeted by armed groups based in Mali since 2015. The conflict also has social and economic roots, with a young generation having limited development perspectives, particularly in the north.

Attacks are multiplying, targeting mainly security forces, civil authorities, people suspected of collaborating with the central government but also schools practicing “Western” education.

The growing insecurity has led to the displacement of more than 23,500 people fleeing violence between armed groups and Burkinabe security forces. The Sahel district alone may host more than 25,000 internally displaced persons (IDPs).

Most displacements occur within the province, which explains why the vast majority of the displaced are welcomed and lodged by the local population. IDPs are increasingly becoming an economic and social burden for host communities and especially for host families.

  • 20,1 million inhabitants
  • 40,1% poverty rate
  • 185th out of 188 on the Human Development Index

Our action

  • Mission
    opened in 2018
  • Team 3 international staff
    12 national staff
  • Budget 300,000 €

Communities hosting displaced people share their scarce resources and the area’s water resources are under great pressure. SOLIDARITÉS INTERNATIONAL teams give priority to rehabilitating existing hydraulic infrastructures and strengthening access to water in areas where displaced people are living. Community bodies in charge of infrastructure management and maintenance are being strengthened.

In addition to this intervention focusing on the current needs of populations in terms of drinking water, SOLIDARITÉS INTERNATIONAL is setting up a light and flexible mechanism to respond to future shocks in terms of water, sanitation and hygiene. In the event of further displacement or disaster in the area, SOLIDARITÉS INTERNATIONAL teams will be able to deploy a team to restore, strengthen or establish access to clean water. The populations affected by the shock also benefit from hygiene kits containing the utensils essential to their dignity.

Our impact

water sanitation

Access to water in IDP host areas

12,000 beneficiaries

– Thorough technical diagnostic on water pumps.
– Diagnostic on water, sanitation and hygiene in health centres and at community water points, sharing the results with other operators.
– Repairing 15 public water pumps.
– Hygiene awareness raising

water sanitation

Emergency response in water, sanitation and hygiene

6,000 beneficiairies

– Multisector emergency diagnostic of water, sanitation and hygiene.
– Emergency water distributions.
– Dignity kit distributions.
– Emergency hygiene awareness raising

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