World Humanitarian Day 2016 : our action in pictures

Published on Friday 19 August 2016
The 19th August is World Humanitarian Day. On this special occasion, take a look at the principles and values of humanitarian aid and of SOLIDARITÉS INTERNATIONAL.

Mandate :
SOLIDARITÉS INTERNATIONAL is a humanitarian organization whose purpose is to address the vital needs of populations confronted by major crisis and to strengthen their resilience
Photo : Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) – ©  SOLIDARITÉS INTERNATIONAL
south sudan water

Independence : SOLIDARITÉS INTERNATIONAL is independent of any political, economic, ethnic or denominational group
Photo : South Sudan – © Vincent Tremeau / SOLIDARITÉS INTERNATIONAL

Liberia water

Respect : SOLIDARITÉS INTERNATIONAL’s relief efforts are carried out in such a manner that the cultural identity and dignity of each individual is respected.
Photo : Liberia – © Constance Decorde / SOLIDARITÉS INTERNATIONAL

RDC population

In numbers : SOLIDARITÉS INTERNATIONAL has more than 2,000 national and international staff working in some 20 countries to help up to 4 million people every year.
Photo : Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) – © Alexandre Van Enst / SOLIDARITÉS INTERNATIONAL


From understanding to action : Every action we undertake must be based on an impartial, thorough evaluation of needs.
Photo : Lebanon – © Vianney Le Caer / SOLIDARITÉS INTERNATIONAL

nepal emergency

A rapid response : Populations affected by conflict or natural disaster are in need of rapid relief.
Photo : Nepal – © Alexandre Cauvin / SOLIDARITÉS INTERNATIONAL


Providing essential assistance : A human being needs 15 litres of drinking water per day in order to survive. In an emergency, transporting, storing, treating and distributing water is crucial.

water bangladesh

Making water safe to drink : 3.5 billion people have no other choice but to drink unsafe water or of dubious quality.
Photo : Bangladesh – © Prince Naymuzzaman Khan / SOLIDARITÉS INTERNATIONAL

nigeria girl

Protecting the most vulnerable : 1.5 million children die every year from water borne diseases.
Photo : Nigeria – © Thomas Gruel / SOLIDARITÉS INTERNATIONAL


Future : Even in a difficult emergency situation, every action must be planned, sustainable, and orientated towards the future.
Photo : Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) – © Vianney Prouvost / SOLIDARITÉS INTERNATIONAL
Calais France

Bearing witness : As a first-hand witness to some of the gravest humanitarian crises,  endeavours to keep the public informed and, if necessary, to sound the alarm.
Photo : Calais – © Paul Duke / SOLIDARITÉS INTERNATIONAL

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