SOLIDARITÉS INTERNATIONAL opens a mission in Yemen

Published on Friday 1 September 2017

Nobody talks about Yemen. Since March 2015, violence in Yemen has claimed more than 10,000 lives, resulted in 2.2 million internally displaced people and 20 million people living in extreme poverty.

The scope and complexity of the crisis are resulting in a rise of malnutrition rates, driven by growing food insecurity, water shortages, displacement and poor sanitation.
The shortage of water is a real issue in Yemen. 40% of people did not have access to drinking water before the start of fighting in 2014 and this critical situation has increased to 70%. People have to pay for the water trucking or walk two hours to find a source. Even then the water can be infected. The lack of clean water causes a huge rise of waterborne diseases, including cholera that has already claimed 2,000 lives and affected more than half a million people.
With no access to safe water the population of Yemen cannot recover. 2.3 million children are suffering from severe acute malnutrition and 7 million people are under a direct threat of famine.

More than half the population in Yemen requires humanitarian assistance yet humanitarian projects are underfunded.

Take action at all costs

While international institutions seem to have forgotten the crisis, SOLIDARITÉS INTERNATIONAL has decided to open a new mission in Yemen. Starting the 1st of September, the goal of the intervention is to provide access to water, sanitation and hygiene but also to provide food security and the rehabilitation of sanitation facilities and shelters.
SOLIDARITÉS INTERNATIONAL aims to rehabilitate water points and deliver hygiene kits in a way to contain and prevent cholera epidemics as well as to raise risk awareness. Teams also distribute food stamps and cash to help the most needy to tackle the challenge of drinking water and food security.

Photo: Thomas Gruel



  • 29.3 million inhabitants
  • 62% poverty rate
  • 168th out of 188 on the Human Development Index