Beirut: SOLIDARITÉS INTERNATIONAL is preparing to intervene

Published on Thursday 6 August 2020

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The double explosion that devastated the city of Beirut on 4th August 2020 has worsened an already dire economic situation. Killing thousands of people and destroying countless major buildings, this tragedy raises fears of repercussions across the country.

The main hospitals in the city are currently either badly damaged and inoperative or overcrowded and sorely lacking in equipment to take care of the victims. Basic needs for shelter, access to water, health care and electricity remain uncertain and insufficient for a large part of the population.

In addition, more than 300,000 people are believed to be homeless, raising fears of massive population displacements outside the metropolis to non-disaster and remote areas which are already very vulnerable.

Faced with this tragedy, SOLIDARITÉS INTERNATIONAL will provide support to the Lebanese Red Cross, its operational partner and its primary collaborator on the ground; the Red Cross has already set up temporary shelters, provided food and emergency hygiene kits, and they are continuing to meet the population’s basic needs.

Our teams, who have been working in Lebanon for seven years, will intervene by modifying their usual methods of response and by developing new intervention methods in the heart of Beirut, working with the leaders of Lebanese civil society and its usual operational partners. They are currently assessing needs and preparing emergency responses to help those who have been affected and to prevent the long-term repercussions this event will have.

Involved in eighteen countries around the world, some of which have insufficient health capacity, SOLIDARITÉS INTERNATIONAL fights every day to enable the most vulnerable populations to have access to water and sanitation, in particular by carrying out awareness campaigns on hygiene and hand-washing, both of which are essential in the fight against the ravages of water-borne diseases and epidemics.

SOLIDARITÉS INTERNATIONAL is a member of Alliance Urgences, a French emergency workers collective, bringing together six NGOs who raise funds from the general public in France in the event of an international humanitarian crisis so as to organize humanitarian aid.


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