• Référence : SRH04871
  • Statut :
  • Poste : Missions à l'etranger
  • Domaine de compétence : Coordination régionale / Chef de mission
  • Type de contrat : Salarié - CDD
  • Pays : Mozambique


Desired start date: 15/08/2022
Duration of the mission:
6 months
Location: Mueda Mozambique


  • Mission: size, bases, budget, number of expatriates and national staffs.

Solidarités International intervened in Mozambique in March 2019 for a few months following the passage of Cyclone Idai, which hit the Province of Sofala and the city of Beira hard. Operations were suspended after the emergency phase and the mission closed. The evolution of the situation in Cabo Delgado province, hit by several cyclones and severely affected by the violent actions of armed groups claiming to be IS, which caused the displacement of nearly 700 000 people, led to an assessment in May 2021 and to the reopening of the mission. The assessment, carried out in the most affected district highlighted needs, particularly in the WASH sector, and the lack of emergency actors. The mission is opening in a complex security and administrative environment, where access will be a major issue.

Around 100,000 IDPs reside in Mueda district, whether in host communities, in 7 formal IDP sites and several informal sites. Additionally, Mueda is a key transit point for newly displaced households and IDPs with return intentions. No problem to access to field.

Solidarites International was one of the first INGO actors to respond to the growing crisis in Cabo Delgado, leading emergency response and distributions in hard-to-reach areas.  SI has completed its opening phase, and is scaling up in 2022. A new field base is planned for the first half of 2022, and multiple new projects are opening. 


  • Type and content of program

The WFP Project Manager will lead a WFP program in Mueda and Nangade districts, in the north of Cabo Delgado Province. The project is divided into two components as follow:

  • Nutrition project in Mueda district (BSFP)

Distribution of Super cereal + to children between 6 months and 5 years old, targeting both Host communities and IDPs in Mueda district. The distribution is implemeted in coordination with the District health services’ nutrition mobile brigade which provide additional health services (vitamin A, deworming, vaccines) and refer severe and moderate malnourished children to Mueda hospital.

  • General food distribution in Nangade district (GFD)

Distribution of one-month food supply (rice, beans and oil) to 8000 displaced HHs targeting IDPs only.

Nangade district is very dynamic in terms of security context, with active presence of the NSAG, access to the field is limited. Some distributions are managed remotely with only Mozambican colleagues on site.

The intensification of attacks in Feb and March 22, led many families to flee their village or origin seeking refuge in Nangade Sede, in the localities in the south of the district or in Mueda camps. The total number of IDPs in Nangade district is estimated around 52 to 56 000 with a majority of intra-district IDPs.



  • Emergency food ration distribution

In addition to the regular project described above, SI has been conducting one-off  emergency food ration distribution in Muidumbe  and Nangade districts. Those are sporadic activities based on SI and WFP assessments and conducted by the Food distribution team.


  • Current project and perspectives:

The current project runs until the end of June. An extension is currently being negotiated to last until the end of September. WFP is sharing very positive feedbacks on the work done and is willing to continue working with SI in the future. On SI side, WFP project has been interesting as it allows SI to respond in Nangade district, where no other assistance is given except in the health sector (MSF/ACF).

As funds for general food distribution are decreasing and questioning the sustainability of unconditional food distribution WFP strategy is to switch from unconditional distribution to conditional food distribution (food for work approach targeting agricultural/water supply sectors) and potentially seeds and tools distributions. SI will actively participate in the elaboration of the new strategy.


General objective:

  • General objectives

The Food distribution PM is responsible for leading the implementation of the activities, planning of the project and the management of a dedicated team. The PM guarantees the performance and the quality of the program. The Food distribution PM proposes adjustments and/or developments to ensure the relevancy of the program.

  • Specific stakes and challenges

WFP PM will take over the management of a team of 19 national staff to achieve the objective of the current project by the end of September. As the humanitarian culture is so far limited in Mozambique, continuous capacity building of the team is of particular importance. 

As risk of corruption and frauds are identified and part of the caseload has to be distributed with no expatriates on site, the food distribution PM will have a specific focus on procedures to ensure strict implementation of SI processes and strengthen control over program achievements.

In relation to the switch to conditional distribution and seeds/tools distribution, WFP PM will be actively participating to the development of the strategy, supporting with field inputs the program coordination team (deputy field co program and program coordinator) and the field coo.



  • Master degree in relevant subject (development, international relations, etc.)



  • At least two years of experience in humanitarian environment and one mission as program manager, field based
  • Experience in food security and livelihood projects and/or in distributions are strong assets
  • Skills in humanitarian analysis and external representation
  • Experience in team management and team capacity buildings are strong assets
  • Experience in a hardship or conflict-affected setting.
  • Experience in Mozambique is an asset.


Technical skills and knowledge:

  • Knowledge about project cycle management, budget management, and monitoring tools.
  • A flexible approach to managing and prioritizing a high workload in a volatile environment
  • Good management skills
  • An ability to analyze information quickly and accurately.
  • Clear, effective verbal and written communication skills.
  • Confident and proficient in the use of MS Office, Excel and KoboToolBox.

Languages: Portuguese (or Fluent in Italian/Spanish) and English are mandatory. The team does not speak English. PM will also interact with Health authorities who do not speak English.

Other desirable qualities: Leadership and management; coordination with partners; planning and prioritization; flexibility; capacity to work under stress; solution-oriented; team player.


A salaried post:
According to experience, starting from 1800 euros gross per month (+ 10% annual leave allowance paid monthly) and a monthly Per Diem

SOLIDARITÉS INTERNATIONAL also covers accommodation costs and travel expenses between the expatriate's country of origin and the place of assignment.

Social and medical cover:
Expatriates benefit from an insurance package which reimburses all healthcare expenses (including medical and surgical expenses, dental care and ophthalmological expenses, repatriation) and a welfare system including war risks. Essential vaccination and antimalarial treatment costs are refunded.


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