Consultancy – IPAG Coordinator

Consultancy – IAPG Coordinator



Date : 28/06/2024
Deadline date for reply : 17/07/2024 18h (Paris time)
Start Date: upon awarding

Presentation of iapg

The Interagency Procurement Group “IAPG” is a grouping of procurement departments’ heads and directors from more than 30 humanitarian and development organisations.

The Inter Agency Procurement Group was established in June 1996. for non-commercial objects and purposes only, to achieve increased expediency, efficiency and value for beneficiaries, members, supporters, and donors.

In particular, the IAPG commits to:

  • Identify and promote best procurement practices in that part of the aid sector specifically engaged in overseas development and humanitarian relief.
  • Identify where standards can be improved.
  • Engage with institutional donors on matters in relation with procurement.

The group is structured and organized around a network of member aid organisations (NGOs). The administration of the Group is the responsibility of the recruited coordinato


SOLIDARITÉS INTERNATIONAL is an international humanitarian aid association which, for more than 40 years, has been helping people affected by armed conflict and natural disasters by meeting their basic needs for food, water, and shelter.

Particularly committed to the fight against diseases linked to unsafe water – the world’s leading cause of death – SI’s interventions provide expertise in the fields of access to drinking water, sanitation, and hygiene promotion, as well as in the essential area of food security and livelihood.

SI has two main levels of organization: Headquarters and Field.

  • Head Office refers to all the departments: Operations, Logistics, Human Resources, Administration & Finance, Communication & Development. These departments are in Clichy (92), France. It also refers to the operations support office in Dakar.
  • Field refers to the 25 countries of intervention around the world.

SI is hosting the funding covering IAPG coordinator’s position. The consultant will thus be under contract with SI for this position. No funding is secured for 2025 at the momen

context presentation

IAPG’s governance model states that a coordinator should be selected on an annual and rotating basis. That is, every year, a new coordinator should be elected and supported by the member organisation.

For the past 5 years (2018-2023), however, and for a variety of reasons, the coordinator position has been held by one organisation and person. SI has hosted the position which has brought stability and a longer-term vision to the group, through a period of incredible changes and challenges. However, as head of the Supply Department, the role of IAPG coordinator represented a significant additional workload. One conclusion was the need to fund a dedicated coordinator position, to undertake a diagnostic of the fast-evolving humanitarian logistics ecosystem.

Furthermore, the need for coordination amongst humanitarian stakeholders (INGOS, Suppliers, Donors, UN Agencies) has proven to be more acute during the COVID crisis, reinforcing groups like IAPG.

Both the increase of members and the growing influence of IAPG in the sector have come to justify the idea of a dedicated IAPG coordinator position. More information:


IAPG is looking for a consultant to cover the role of IAPG Coordinator. Duties to be covered are the following:

  • Establish a clear diagnosis of the humanitarian logistics ecosystem in relations to procurement.
    • Map the humanitarian procurement ecosystem and analyse IAPG’s role within it.
    • Identify synergies, complementarities, and risks of overlaps between IAPG and other networks and organization.
    • Produce a mapping of all donors’ requirements related to procurement and propose ways forwards on potential synergies and changes that might increase the efficiency and impact, in coordination with other humanitarian procurement & logistics stakeholders (Global Logistics Cluster and its advocacy working group)
    • Engage with the WREC in specifying IAPG’s role in terms of sustainable procurement, considering ECHO’s MERRs and environmental relevant initiatives identified.
    • Propose IAPG activities portfolio that bring added value to its members and avoid duplication of efforts.
  • Governance Update
    • Revise IAPG mandate for increased clarity and relevance to current context.
    • Prepare and make the group endorse an IAPG governance mechanism.
  • Continued Support to IAPG operations.
    • Facilitate group meetings & discussions (Invitations, Agenda, Minutes, Speakers, IT management)
    • Provide updates on subjects treated in between meetings
    • Onboard new members
    • Manage IAPG external communication (LinkedIn, Website, Email
    • Meet any donor requirements (reporting)
    • Identify potential financial model for IAPG
  • External Representation
    • Representing the group in existing coordination bodies (WREC Coordination meeting on Green Procurement / Logistics Cluster Working Group on Advocacy)
    • Interacting on behalf of the group with other initiatives linked to procurement (Sustainable Supply Chain Alliance, Fleet Forum, Hulo, REH, JE Intiative)
    • Representing the group in conference


  • 2 in-person meetings and 5 remotely held meetings, evidenced by meeting minutes
  • Updated contact list & IAPG website
  • Mapping of donors’ procurement requirements & tentative change roadmap
  • Mapping of humanitarian initiatives in relation to procurement
  • Formalised proposal for governance mechanism (Updated governance paper)


The estimated workload on the project leads us to envisage part-time work only (2 to 3 days a week).


The Inter Agency Procurement Group (IAPG) is looking for a consultant to organize & monitor its operations.

Interested consultants should submit their candidacy at no later than July 17th 2024.


Applications must include a curriculum vitae & a letter of application.

Applicants will be short listed according to those criteria:

Language: good English & reporting skills

Vision about where humanitarian procurement should go

Experience in facilitating working group.


Selection amongst shortlisted will be made according to below criteria:

  • Willingness to lead and influence
  • Knowledge of donor related topics
  • Ability to speak in public.

Shortlisted consultants will be contacted for next stages of the process.

The consultancy is due to start upon awarding.


Fabrice Perrot – Director of Logistics & Information Systems – SOLIDARITÉS INTERNATIONAL –