Séverine Bonnet

Expert member
Séverine BONNET

With a business school background and 6 years professional experience working in the retail sector, Séverine Bonnet has built up considerable expertise in marketing and communication. Alongside her professional life, she has always made time to help others by getting involved in the voluntary sector. 

After three missions in Africa, with Première Urgence International and MSF-France, she realized that the knowledge she had gained on the field, together with her business skills, could be applied to a key function in the humanitarian sector – funding and fundraising. Séverine Bonnet left SOLIDARITÉS INTERNATIONAL in 2012, after more than three years as Head of Fundraising and Partnerships. 

Séverine was elected to the SOLIDARITÉS INTERNATIONAL Board of Directors for several years, and is now an expert member, sharing her skills and helping the fundraising team to develop the association’s private resources. In keeping with her mandate, she wants to get involved in fundraising issues, give a little of her time, listen to others… All to contribute together to the development of “SOLIDARITÉS INTERNATIONAL of tomorrow” and its humanitarian action. 

Photo : © Gwenn Dubourthoumieu / SOLIDARITÉS INTERNATIONAL 

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