Séverine Bonnet

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Séverine BONNET

With a business school background and 6 years professional experience working in the retail sector, Séverine Bonnet has built up considerable expertise in marketing and communication. Alongside her professional life, she has always made time to help others by getting involved in the voluntary sector in France.

After having been on three African missions led by the two medical non-profit organizations, PU and MSF-France, she realized that the knowledge she had gained at grassroots, together with her business skills, could be applied to a key function in the humanitarian sector – funding and fundraising. Séverine left SOLIDARITÉS INTERNATIONAL in 2012, after having spent more than 3 years in charge of fundraising and partnerships. Currently she is with “Petits Frères des Pauvres”, responsible for developing large donor relations.

Choosing the right words to explain why she wanted to “commit herself” to SOLIDARITÉS INTERNATIONAL by joining the Board is not straightforward. She finds it easier to voice what she “doesn’t want” to be: just another person on a list, who gives the go ahead on decisions every quarter at the Board meeting without having a clear picture of what SOLIDARITÉS INTERNATIONAL is doing (at head office and in the missions). Ideally and certainly as far as her mandate in the Board is concerned, she would like to get involved in fundamental issues, use her professional skills, give some of her time, listen and flag up issues (even when that ruffles feathers!)… In fact whatever it takes to add value to its humanitarian activities and towards the common aim of cultivating a “SOLIDARITÉS INTERNATIONAL for tomorrow”.

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