How you benefit

Because working with our organization means committing to a demanding set of responsibilities in often difficult situations, SOLIDARITÉS INTERNATIONAL has designed a special employment package on the field.

Pay and contract

SOLIDARITÉS INTERNATIONAL has decided to make a special effort to make wages more attractive, following a thought process that began several months ago. The fields in which we work are demanding: previous experience, workload, technical skills and responsibilities are increasing and the structure is fully aware of this. It was important for SOLIDARITÉS INTERNATIONAL to demonstrate this acknowledgement by revising the salary scale.

New salaries (*):

Country Director (CD): monthly salary between 3,740€ and 5,940€.
Area Coordinator, Regional Expert: monthly salary between 3,190€ and 5,390€
Deputy Country Director, Field Coordinator: monthly salary between 3,080€ and 5,280€.
Technical coordinators (support and programme): monthly salary between 2,860€ and 5,060€.
Deputy Coordinator/ Technical Referent / Regional Programs Manager: 2,400€ (maximum 4,600€).
Base Manager: monthly salary between 2,365€ and 4,565€.
Base positions (Log-admin-Programme Manager) and Grant Manager: monthly salary between 2,310€ and 4,510€.
Entry positions: coordination support, Activity Managers, RCO: monthly salary between 1,925€ and 4,125€.
Volunteer positions: monthly allowance of 800€ or 900€.

In the vast majority of cases, in the field, you will benefit from a contract (mainly a fixed-term contract) which duration can range from a few weeks to a yea. However, in a view to build loyalty (and subject to meeting certain conditions, in particular seniority), SOLIDARITÉS INTERNATIONAL tends to develop permanent contracts in the field.

Headquarters employees are generally hired on permanent contracts, although some short support or replacement assignments may be on fixed-term contracts.

Finally, it is important to note that SOLIDARITÉS INTERNATIONAL values expertise, seniority and commitment to the organization. This is why the salary amounts appear with the mention “starting salary” because the amount of your final gross salary will be calculated by integrating your previous humanitarian experience (so in the end, except for entry positions, no salary corresponds to the initial salary) and SOLIDARITÉS INTERNATIONAL seniority.

– 50€ per year of experience in positions that allowed access to the position held.

– 100€ per year of experience on equivalent positions.

– Starting from two years of experience with SOLIDARITÉS INTERNATIONAL, you will benefit from a seniority bonus of 100€/month.

In the field, you will receive a Per Diem. This living allowance will be paid to you on site in addition to your salary, in local currency, to cover your food and living expenses.

(*) It should be noted that all gross salaries are presented including an increase of 10% of salary corresponding to paid leave (which cannot be taken in the field and are therefore paid each month).

Health, life on the field and transportation

SOLIDARITÉS INTERNATIONAL pays all living and travel costs relating to your mission, from your home to your new base.
This includes:
– Health and accident insurance cover.
– Housing on site, generally in shared accommodation.

There is also the option, particularly if health and safety management conditions allow, for SOLIDARITÉS INTERNATIONAL to participate to the costs of your own private accommodation. Family packages may also be possible, including children’s per diem payments, and for items such as family air tickets, insurance, housing contributions, heavy cargo and help with educational costs.

Leading missions in these types of conditions is particularly demanding. SOLIDARITÉS INTERNATIONAL operates a system of breaks at 3, 6 and 9 months into your mission outside the country where you are working, to enable you to rest as necessary.

These breaks are not deducted from paid leave, which you will be paid every month (a supplement of 10% of your gross salary). They take the form of 850€ break allowance, paid at each break.

Working with SOLIDARITÉS INTERNATIONAL also means you benefit from

A  Preparation to Departure (PAD), remotely, to ensure you are prepared as best as possible before taking on your position. These two weeks are a unique opportunity to discover our tools, mindset and projects, and to get ready for your mission. The PAD is aimed at all new recruits. The course is compulsory, whether you’re an experienced mission leader but who’s never worked for us before, about to embark on your first mission, on an internship or a new employee at head office.

HR support, throughout your mission, from an HR representative dedicated to your particular work area. This representative is there to gather your first impressions as well as to provide advice should you be experiencing difficulties.

A psychological support, with a pre-departure consultation and a follow-up that can be mobilized during your assignment and afterward, thanks to a specialized service provider.

In-service training to help you develop your professional skills and build your career. SOLIDARITÉS INTERNATIONAL organizes special weeks for coordinators (Country Directors, Program/Financial/Logistics/Field Coordinators) and Regional Technical Weeks, workshops that bring together national and expatriate personnel from several missions in the same area, enabling you to keep up to speed with your profession.

A debriefing, at the end of your mission, so that you can talk about your experience – both the operational and the personal aspect. This is a chance for you to assess your experience with the necessary perspective.

SOLIDARITÉS INTERNATIONAL’s HR team takes particular care to offer you new missions and to help you gradually take on more responsibilities.

Finishing your mission doesn’t mean you’ve finished your time at SOLIDARITÉS INTERNATIONAL!

Almost half of our expatriates in 2022 were former SOLIDARITÉS INTERNATIONAL employees. 98% of our former expatriates are willing to work again with SOLIDARITÉS INTERNATIONAL.