South Sudan – Aburoc : Thousands of civilians flee the advancement of armed groups

Published on Monday 5 December 2022

[Paris, 05 December 2022] In the north-eastern part of South Sudan, more specifically in the area of Aburoc, more than 8,000 people have been on the run for several days without drinking water or food following violent clashes. Reports from the area are particularly alarming , as the situation remains complicated. 

For several days, thousands of people have been fleeing the town of Aburoc on foot. They escape primarily through swamps, without food or water to sustain them. Throughout the shootings and armed attacks, the civilians aim to seek refuge in the town of Kodoc, located about 50 km from Aburoc..  While some have succeeded, many remain scattered around the town, hiding in bushes and swamps from the hostile armed groups. 

“Information is coming in dribs and drabs, each more alarming than the last. We are very worried and we fear the worst. It is urgent that the international community mobilises to help the population,” says Emmanuel Rinck, Director of Operations at the NGO SOLIDARITÉS INTERNATIONAL. 

This is not the first time that these families have been forced to flee. From other regions, they found refuge in Aburoc in 2017 because of the advancement of armed groups. Already living in a precarious situation, they have also had to face the unprecedented flooding that has hit the area in recent years. 

Notes to editors  

The political instability in South Sudan since its independence in 2011, as well as the outbreak of civil war in 2013, has led to a series of protracted crises in the country. The NGO SOLIDARITÉS INTERNATIONAL is at the forefront in providing immediate, integrated, multi-sectoral responses to the acute needs of the most vulnerable populations hit by severe crises. In the meanwhile, SOLIDARITÉS INTERNATIONAL aims at restoring access to basic services in order to increase the resilience of the population through medium-term projects. 

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