Singer Féfé in Nigeria for the 1st humanitarian web-series

Published on Monday 11 June 2018

With Your Own Eyes


The first humanitarian web-series that takes you, through the eyes of a personality, into the field of the most severe crises. To meet those who face it every day.




Of Nigerian origin, former member of the rap group Saian Supa Crew and now an author, singer and producer, the artist Féfé went to northeastern Nigeria to visit the victims of the conflict between the army and the terrorist group Boko Haram.

For a week, Féfé followed SOLIDARITÉS INTERNATIONAL teams to tell you, “with his own eyes”, of a situation passed over in silence, lived by hundreds of thousands of refugees in the town of Maiduguri, prey to suicide attacks, diseases, as well as the lack of water, shelter and food.


Working with SOLIDARITÉS INTERNATIONAL teams in the field gave me a better understanding of the crisis in northeastern Nigeria and the crises around the world. I remember the children with bodies marked with hunger who keep laughing. I also still have in mind the picture of the mother who, despite her daughter’s health, keeps the strength and the smile that left me speechless. But the most striking thing is the urgency. The urgency of helping people, the urgency of the situation in which these people find themselves, to whom SOLIDARITÉS INTERNATIONAL provides relief. Féfé – author, singer and producer


Involved in some fifteen countries, SOLIDARITÉS INTERNATIONAL’s 2,000 humanitarian workers witness the injustice of wars and natural disasters on a daily basis, but also the courage shown by humans. It is from this duty to bear witness that “With Your Own Eyes” was born.

Specialized in access to drinking water, SOLIDARITÉS INTERNATIONAL teams fight every day to access the most vulnerable and bring them, hand to hand, vital humanitarian aid in camps and malnutrition treatment centres.


Find the first humanitarian documentary web series on devospropresyeux.org.
Online from June 12


Féfé and SOLIDARITÉS INTERNATIONAL teams are available to answer your questions.


Tugdual de Dieuleveult – +33 6 64 92 50 37



Film written and directed by Thomas Delorme, Damien Gouilly-Frossard & the Solidarités International team
Camera: Thomas Delorme
Produced by YES SIR FILMS – Damien Gouilly-Frossard / Francois Cusset / Bertrand Deve
Based on an original idea by Solidarités International
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