Myanmar – SOLIDARITÉS INTERNATIONAL deeply concerned over the increasing level of violence being observed in country

Published on Thursday 11 March 2021


After 12 years in Myanmar, SOLIDARITÉS INTERNATIONAL continues working on the ground with the most vulnerable groups of population. Our humanitarian teams aim to assist – as quickly and efficiently as possible – those whose lives and health are under threat, and to fulfil their basic needs: food, water and shelter. These efforts would not work properly, or even be possible, without the fierce determination to constantly respect the humanitarian principles of humanity, independence, impartiality and neutrality. SOLIDARITÉS INTERNATIONAL also continues to advocate for the importance to immediate and unhindered access to and support for populations in need of emergency aid.
We would like to express our deep concern over the increasing level of violence being observed in country, leading to more than 50 deaths and multiple injured over the past weeks and remain committed to responding to the urgent and growing needs of vulnerable persons in areas affected by armed conflicts and instability in Myanmar.


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