Joint Statement by Humanitarian Organisations in Yemen

Published on Monday 6 May 2024

Humanitarian partners urge donors to remain committed to the millions in need in Yemen

6 May 2024— Ahead of the Sixth Senior Officials Meeting on 7 May in Brussels, the United Nations, international NGOs and Yemeni Civil Society Organisations urgently appeal for sustained support for the 18.2 million people in need in Yemen. Five months into 2024, just US $0.4 billion of the 2024 Yemen Humanitarian Response Plan requirement of $2.7 billion has been received.

After nine years of conflict, over half the population in Yemen—18.2 million people, including 14 million women and children—requires humanitarian assistance and protection services.

The humanitarian community in Yemen, committed to serving populations in a principled manner, continues to deliver one of the world’s largest humanitarian responses in a challenging and complex operational environment. In 2023, 229 humanitarian actors—the majority of whom were local partners—supported an average of 8.4 million people each month with life-saving protection and humanitarian assistance. Aid is reaching those in need, despite constraints of access and funding.

Today, Yemen is at a crossroads. The country witnessed slight improvements in humanitarian conditions following the UN-brokered truce and its de facto continuation. With these gains, partners have moved towards resilience-building programming, promoting sustainable solutions by addressing the drivers of needs. However, we cannot ignore the significant humanitarian needs that remain and that cannot be addressed without adequate funding to respond.

Economic decline, deteriorating public services and infrastructure and displacement induced by conflict and climate-related disasters continue to drive the humanitarian crisis. Rising food insecurity, the risk of increasing malnutrition rates – particularly among pregnant and lactating women, older people and children – and the spread of cholera during the current rainy season, pose threats to communities across the country. Violations of International Humanitarian Law and International Human Rights Law continue, and the presence of explosive remnants of war results in death, injury and displacement, restricts access to agricultural land and resettlement and hinders post-conflict reconstruction and development efforts.

Funding for a focused and well-prioritized 2024 Humanitarian Response Plan must be ensured to sustain the gains made and prevent further deterioration of the humanitarian situation. To date, only $435 million of Yemen’s 2024 Humanitarian Response Plan requirement of $2.7 billion has been funded–leaving unmet requirements of $2.3 billion. Underfunding poses a challenge to the continuity of humanitarian programming, causing delays, reductions and suspensions of lifesaving assistance programmes. These challenges directly
affect the lives of millions who depend on humanitarian assistance and protection services for survival.

Humanitarian partners are committed to transforming the response in Yemen and reducing humanitarian needs. As partners, together, we will continue to improve the quality of humanitarian assistance and maximize impact with targeted, quality programming based on need. Partners will expand collaboration with development actors and promote more Yemeni leadership for a locally-led and locally informed response, to help Yemenis rebuild their futures. To do so, however, humanitarian partners’ sustained support is required.

Inaction would have catastrophic consequences for the lives of Yemeni women, children and men. The Sixth Senior Officials Meeting is a critical moment to galvanize support and collective action to address the deteriorating crisis. The humanitarian community appeals to donors to urgently address existing funding gaps, and provide sustainable support to enhance resilience and reduce aid dependency.


UN agencies

1. Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) Yemen
2. International Organization for Migration (IOM)
3. Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights
4. The World Food Programme (WFP)
5. The United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) Yemen
6. UN Habitat
7. UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) Yemen
8. United Nations Office for Project Services (UNOPS)
9. United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees
10. United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) Yemen
11. UN Women Yemen
12. World Health Organization (WHO) Yemen

International non-governmental organisations

1. Accept International
2. Acted
3. Action For Humanity International
4. Adventist Development and Relief Agency (ADRA)
6. Concern Worldwide
7. Danish Refugee Council (DRC)
8. Direct Aid
9. The HALO Trust
10. International Medical Corps (IMC)
11. International Rescue Committee (IRC)
13. Islamic Relief
14. Medair
15. Medecins du Monde
16. Medglobal
17. Mercy Corps
18. Norwegian Refugee Council
20. People In Need (PIN)
21. Polish Humanitarian Action (Polska Akcja Humanitarna)
22. Première Urgence Internationale (PUI)
23. READ Foundation
24. Relief International
25. Save the Children
26. Solidarités International
27. Qatar Charity (QC)
28. Vision Hope International (VHI)
29. War Child Alliance
30. War Child Canada
31. ZOA

Yemeni civil society organisations

1. Abductees Mothers Association
2. Abs development organization for woman & child
3. Abyan Youth foundation
4. Adan Network for Humiliation work
5. Aden Center for Monitoring,Studies & Traning
6. Aden Promising Youth Foundation
7. Ahrar Organization for Human Rights and Development
8. Alakhar Center For peace And Development
9. Alamal Women’s and Sociocultural Foundation
10. Alaman Organization for Blind Women Care
11. Al-anwar Development Foundation
12. albaru walahisan altanmawia
13. Al-Ghaith for Human Development
14. Al-Hay at Foundation for Early Intervention For Children with Special Needs – Aden
15. Al-Hayat Foundation for Early Intervention
16. All Girls Foundation
17. Al-Mamoun foundation
18. Altwaul for Human Development
19. Al-Wadah Foundation for Dialogue and Development
20. Al-Wed Development Foundation
21. Arman Social Development Foundation
22. Athar Association for women’s development
23. Autistic Association for Aden Children
24. Badeel founadtion for development
25. Bard Al ata Association Dev
26. Basamat Development Foundation
27. bassmasafaadevelopmenfoundatio
28. Bena Charity for Human Development
29. Benevolence Coalition for Humanitarian Relief
30. Benevolent fund for out standing students
31. Best Future Foundation
32. Bina Insan Foundation for Development
33. bright Tomorrow Foundation
34. Building Foundation For Development
35. Children Protection & Care Organisation
36. Coalition of Relief and Building
37. Democracy school
38. Deem for Development Organization Developmental Reayah Foundation
39. Diversity Organization
40. Eiwa social foundation for relief and development
41. El-abda Assembly For Women Development
42. Enjaz foundation for development
43. Eradajareeh foundation for devlopment
44. Experts for Development Org
45. Fawafid Foundation for Sustainable Development
46. for daar
47. Field Medical Foundation (FMF)
48. For Human Development Foundation
49. For you organization
50. ForAden Development Foundation
51. Foundation coalition of Humanitarian relief and Development
52. Future Pioneers Foundation for Training and Development
53. Generations Without Qat
54. Ghadaq for development
55. Ghenaa MOHAMMAD Naij AL hemery
56. Happy Family Association
57. Himaya Organization for civil orientation (HOCO)
58. Human Building Organization
59. Human Development Foundation HDF
60. Human Foundation for Humanitarian Work
61. Humanitarian access for partnership and development – Shabwa
62. Human Access (HA)
63. Humanitarian Action Library-Yemen
64. Humanitarian Development Program
65. Humanitarian organization for women and children
66. Imprint of Life Foundation for Humanitarian Works
67. International Youth Council Yemen
68. Istetla for polling and advisory center
69. jameiat alkhayr alnasawia
70. Jannaty Foundation for Development
71. Joodn Organization For Development and Peace
72. Khadija Foundation for Development
73. Khudh Bayadi Foundation
74. Khudh Beyadi Development Foundation
75. Localisation and Optimization of Response Initiative In Yemen
77. Maharati Foundation for Human Development
78. Marib Dam Foundation for Social Development
79. Marib Girls Foundation
80. Massa Hawa Foundation for Development
81. Mawaddah Foundation and for Women Children Development
82. Media for peace MFP
83. Mercy Humanitarian Foundation
84. Millennium Development Foundation
85. Modern Social Association(MSA)
86. Nabd Alhayat Charitable Development Foundation
87. Nabd Development and Evolution Organization
88. Nahda Makers Organization
89. National Foundation for Development and Humanitarian Response
90. National Society for Scientific Research and Sustainable Development
91. Neda’a Foundation for Development
92. Ola Al-Majd Foundation for Development
93. PASMH for Humanitarian Action
94. Peace way development foundation
95. prince foundation for awareness and human development
96. Productive Women Association Al , Dhalea Governorate
97. Qarar foundation for media and development
98. Qiam for Foundation Responsive and Development
99. QUEEN FOUNDATION for Development and Human Rights
100. Ramz Development Foundation
101. Rawafed Al Khair Foundation for Social Development
102. Rawahel Function Development
103. Relief and Development Peer Foundation
104. Relief without Borders for development and Humanitarian Response
105. Rescue foundaton for development
106. Rofqa for Humanitarian Development
107. Romoz Association Developmental For Deaf and special needs
108. Sada Foundation for Building and Development
109. Salam Yemen Foundation for Relief and Humanitarian Development
110. Sameera Omer Abdullah Baghlab Almashgry
111. Sana’a Coalition for Relief and Development
112. Selah Foundation for Development
113. Shibam Social Assoeiation For Development
114. Social coexistence Foundation
115. Social Development Hodeidah Girls Foundation
116. Society for humanitarian solidarity
117. SOUL for Development
118. Steps Foundation for Civil Development
119. student care society
120. Sustainable Development Foundation (SDF)
121. Talented Youth Academy Est
122. Tamdeen Yoth Foundation
123. The Social Service For Development And Training
124. The Coalition of Humanitarian Relief
125. Tomorrow Foundation For sustainable development and humanitarian relief
126. Transparency Foundation for Human Rights for Development and Studies
127. Wedyan Association For Society Development
128. Welfare Association for student’s care
129. Wenan for Human development
130. Woman Foundation for Development
131. Yemen Alkhair for Relief and Development Foundation (YARD)
132. Yamaniyat Development Association
133. Yamany Foundation for Development and Humanitarian Work
134. Yanabia Al-khair Charity Foundation
135. Yemen center for Human rights studies
136. Yemen Family Care Association
137. Yemen General Union of Sociologists , Social Workers and Psychologists
138. Yemen international agency for development
139. Yemen Organization for Humanitarian Relief and Development (MONA)
140. Yemen Women Union
141. Yemeni NGOs Coalition For Child Rights Care
142. Youth hayat group
143. Youth of Peace for Development
144. Youth Vision Foundation for Development and Human Rights

*Three additional Yemeni CSOs have signed but wished to not add their names publicly