Cholera outbreak in the Democratic Republic of Congo

Published on Wednesday 11 April 2018

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While the donor conference for the Democratic Republic of Congo will be held on 13 April in Geneva, SOLIDARITÉS INTERNATIONAL would like to recall the urgent need to mobilise all actors, and funders in particular, around the issue of cholera, which continues to kill thousands of people in the country every year.


Congolese people are victims of the biggest cholera outbreak affecting their country since 1994.”


  • The humanitarian association SOLIDARITÉS INTERNATIONAL, which has been strongly committed against this disease in the DRC for more than ten years, denounces the lack of international mobilisation to eradicate this scourge, which has infected more than 55,000 people and killed nearly 1,190 in 2017.


  • As a major actor in the fight for access to water and sanitation, our NGO calls on humanitarian and development actors, as well as the public and private sectors, to invest massively in the prevention of transmission, in emergency responses to contain outbreaks and, above all, in the creation of dignified and sustainable water and sanitation infrastructures.




As a major actor in the fight for access to drinking water in the most sensitive areas of the planet since 1980, the humanitarian association SOLIDARITÉS INTERNATIONAL provides, in person, dignified and vital aid to those whose lives and health are threatened by conflicts, epidemics and natural disasters.



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