Suricats Consulting

Where?: Headquarters
When?: Since 2016
How?: Skills sponsorship

Suricats Consulting has pledged to share its skills and expertise with us to help develop SOLIDARITÉS INTERNATIONAL’s information system.

Suricats is a digital consultancy group that offers pragmatic solutions to help accelerate business’ digital transformation programs. Its multi-disciplinary team of consultants helps customers with:
· Designing new uses and innovation.
· Digital project strategies and management.
· Transformation project research and operational coordination.

Signed in August 2016, the partnership was the brainchild of Thierry Berdy, the firm’s co-founder and sponsor. This non-profit commitment, in the form of skills sponsorship, reflects the group’s determination to capitalize on their social and human fabric.
Based on an initial assessment of SOLIDARITÉS INTERNATIONAL’s information system, Suricats introduced an action plan covering several areas within the association:
• Human resources
• Field project management
• Collaborative and community-based tools at head office
• Digital strategy
• Financial management

With around a dozen consultants involved in this program, Suricats’ ambition is to support the association over the long term and to back the efforts of SI’s teams as efficiently as possible.

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