St Omer Water Fund

Where?: Bangladesh, Lebanon, Nepal, Headquarters
When?: Since 2015
How?: Grant

The Communauté d’Agglomération de St Omer (municipal community of St Omer) has supported SOLIDARITÉS INTERNATIONAL since 2015 through its Water Fund, coordinated by the St Omer (inland Flanders) Urban Planning and Development Agency (AUD St Omer).

In May 2015, AUD St Omer responded to SOLIDARITÉS INTERNATIONAL’s emergency appeal to help the Sindhupalchok region in Nepal, coming to the aid of more than 30,000 stricken inhabitants. Their support enabled victims of the earthquake to regain access to drinking water, proper hygiene, dignified sanitation infrastructures and secure shelter.

In April 2016, the Water Fund and AUD St Omer teams renewed their commitment to SOLIDARITÉS INTERNATIONAL by financing a pilot project to minimize the risk of disasters in the Satkhira district in Bangladesh, which is particularly vulnerable to changeable climate conditions. Aiming to enhance the coping abilities of the 440 people living in the village of Assaouni Upazila, this project develops drinking water access using a rainwater harvesting system.

From 2017, the Water Fund will be helping to fund a project to construct a drinking water network in the Akkar district of Lebanon. This project will focus on providing the local community with quality water in sufficient quantities, while encouraging community-led management of the network.

Our partnership is also diversifying into other areas, with a workshop examining geomatic information systems (GIS) led by the St Omer AUD, on our premises. The urban planning agency staff have worked with our teams to identify their cartographic requirements and helped them to produce visuals related to Nigerian territory.

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