Intermunicipal authority in charge of supplying water to 8 districts in the Cannes region

Where?: Haiti
When?: Since 2016
How?: Grant

The SICASIL (intermunicipal authority in charge of supplying water to 8 districts in the Cannes region) committed to and supported our emergency efforts in Haiti following Hurricane Matthew in October 2013.

The SICASIL responded to the appeal launched by SOLIDARITÉS INTERNATIONAL after Hurricane Matthew hit the south of Haiti in October 2016. The support they provided helped to co-fund our emergency operations in the country’s Nippes and Sud-Est departments, which were severely damaged by the hurricane.

On 3 and 4 October last year, Hurricane Matthew hit Haiti’s southern coastline, seriously affecting several departments. The Direction de la Protection Civile Haïtienne recorded over 1,000 deaths with over 750,000 people in dire humanitarian need. The assessments conducted by SOLIDARITÉS INTERNATIONAL in the Nippes and Sud-Est departments observed an urgent need for Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) and to combat cholera. Haiti has actually been dealing with a cholera epidemic ever since 2010, which has claimed almost 10,000 lives to date.

Faced with this situation, SOLIDARITÉS INTERNATIONAL’s teams in Haiti, supported by an emergency team that arrived on the scene within 48 hours of the hurricane, worked to meet the essential needs of over 140,000 people. Their efforts comprised three main components:
• Providing access to drinking water: treating water and distributing it via lorry tankers, rehabilitating the water supply system, distributing water purification tablets, community filters and hygiene kits.
• Combatting cholera outbreaks: emergency chlorination points, awareness raising campaigns, treating households affected by cholera.
• Constructing/rehabilitating sanitation facilities: latrines in public areas (community shelters, health centers, schools, etc.).

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