Greater Paris Sanitation Authority

Where?: Haiti
When?: Since 2016
How?: Grant

The SIAAP (Greater Paris Sanitation Authority) has supported SOLIDARITÉS INTERNATIONAL’s emergency interventions and reconstructions projects since 2013.

Following Typhoon Haiyan, which hit the Philippines in 2013, the SIAAP funded the efforts made by our emergency teams to help survivors of the disaster.

This intervention comprised two main components: a water, sanitation and hygiene project, designed to provide affected communities with drinking water as well as access to sanitation facilities and proper hygiene, along with a community work scheme involving the reconstruction and rehabilitation of destroyed buildings and housing.

Since 2015, the SIAAP has again been working alongside us by supporting our efforts in Port-au-Prince. In the Christ-Roi district, SOLIDARITÉS INTERNATIONAL has been working on a project to rebuild and improve water and sanitation systems, so as to make it easier for residents who fell victim to the 2010 earthquake to return to the area. As part of this scheme, the SIAAP is co-funding the pipe network in the St Nicolas ravine and developing its banks, in partnership with the Ministry for Public Works, Transport and Communications.

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