Sébastien Henry

Where?: Headquarters
When?: Since 2015
How?: Financial sponsorship

Sébastien Henry has pledged its support for SOLIDARITES INTERNATIONAL by using its conferences as a way of contributing to our emergency fund.

To date, this partnership has raised more than €7,500.

Having been co-director of a business in Asia for ten years, Sébastien Henry now spends his time supporting managers and directors. More specifically, he works with those keen to reconcile their quest for excellence, growth and professional performance with their search for meaning and their ambition to contribute to society as positively as possible.

An engaging and passionate speaker, Sébastien Henry encourages businesses to get involved in reducing poverty worldwide. At the conferences he gives, half of the proceeds are donated to SOLIDARITES INTERNATIONAL, and the audience is also invited to make a donation to the association.

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