Where?: Cameroon, Mauritania, Myanmar
When?: Since 2013
How?: Grant

The City of Paris‘ emergency aid program helped to support SOLIDARITÉS INTERNATIONAL’s refugee assistance operations in 2014 in Cameroon and in 2013 in Mauritania.

The City of Paris has various mechanisms for donating financial support to NGO actions, such as its global water and sanitation access charity scheme. It also lends its backing to emergency aid operations to help the victims of conflicts and natural disasters.

In 2014, the City of Paris gave SOLIDARITÉS INTERNATIONAL a grant aimed at helping Central African refugees; this was used to co-fund a project to improve these people’s accommodation conditions as well as their sanitary circumstances. Their access to drinking water and their hygiene conditions saw an improvement following the rehabilitation of water sources and the construction of new wells, and sanitary blocks comprising showers and latrines.

In 2013, a similar project was implemented for Malian refugees in the Mbera camp in Mauritania. The aim of this project was to improve and safeguard access to water and hygiene for communities who had fled the crisis in Mali.

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