Where?: Headquarters
When?: In 2016
How?: Socially responsible product

Gobilab, manufacturers of eco-designed, customizable flasks made in France, has committed to working alongside SOLIDARITÉS INTERNATIONAL.
Founded in 2010, Gobilab designs and manufactures Gobi flasks in a bid to offer an innovative and attractive hydration solution when at the office or on the move, thereby replacing disposable cups and bottles.

Gobilab has supported SOLIDARITÉS INTERNATIONAL since 2016 with its customizable Gobis, donating a portion of their sales to the association as part of their profit sharing schemes.

The company makes responsible products that move with the times to ensure widespread appeal. The main idea behind the creative process is preventative eco-design: every decision is based on evaluating the environmental impact, in order to reduce it at source, while strictly applying the principle of precaution, so as to satisfy any health and safety issues. The company makes its products in France and works with re-integration through employment centers, which assemble and dispatch them. A COP21 partner in 2015, Gobilab supplied 37,000 participants with its products for a fortnight.

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