Fondation Yves Rocher

Where?: Kenya
When?: In 2013
How?: Financial sponsorship

Terre de femmes yves rocher

La Fondation Yves Rocher awarded the 2013 Terre de Femmes (Women of the Earth) prize to the director of the Département Technique et Qualité des Programmes (technical and program quality department) run by SOLIDARITÉS INTERNATIONAL, in recognition of the urban farming project in Nairobi, Kenya.

La Fondation Yves Rocher helps to run local and international initiatives in nature conservation, social responsibility and environmental education in over 50 countries worldwide. Every year it bestows the Terre de Femmes prize on those who work to protect the environment.

It was Peggy Pascal, Director of SOLIDARITÉS INTERNATIONAL’s technical and program quality department, who received the award in 2013. It was awarded in recognition of the crop grow bag concept that she developed in the shanty towns of Nairobi. This concept has been used as a way of developing an agricultural activity that uses minimal space and water. Because of the Terre de Femmes prize, this project has been successfully developed in other countries, such as Thailand and Cameroon.

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