Fondation Veolia

Where?: Haiti, Philippines, Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC)
When?: Since 2007
How?: Financial sponsorship, Donations in kind, Skills sponsorship

La Fondation Veolia Environnement (Veolia Environment Foundation) shares its skills with our teams, along with equipment vital in humanitarian aid projects.

This cooperative partnership dates back to 2007 and southern Sudan. SOLIDARITES INTERNATIONAL and Veolia Waterforce set up a water treatment station, developed by Veolia’s experts, to serve 15,000 people in Malakal, a stop-over town for exiled communities on their way home.

La Fondation Veolia Environnement has supported our projects in Ivory Coast, the Philippines, Mali and Cameroon.

At the beginning of 2015, as well as assisting us in the DRC and Haiti, La Fondation Veolia committed itself to supporting our emergency fund.
In spring 2015, a terrible, 7.9 magnitude earthquake hit Nepal. In the face of these events, La Fondation Véolia Environnement reacted extremely quickly. The foundation’s loyalty to our work and its highly efficient responsiveness have proved a valuable form of assistance in providing victims with water access as quickly as possible.

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