Fondation Orange

Where?: Headquarters
When?: Since 2016
How?: Skills sponsorship

The TPS scheme run by La Fondation Orange has seen three employees from Orange join the SOLIDARITÉS INTERNATIONAL association. After one employee joined the Partnerships team in March 2016, to further develop skills sponsorship, two more colleagues made the leap in 2017: a logistics project manager focusing on information systems, telecoms, logistics and purchasing, etc., and a delegation manager for the association in Loire-Bretagne

The cooperative relationship between Orange and SOLIDARITÉS INTERNATIONAL is the fruit of our shared desire to develop and extend our skills sponsorship, both at head office and on the ground, not just with our existing partners but also with our new partners, who are looking for a different way to get their employees involved. This link with Orange therefore marks the first step towards institutionalizing this type of sponsorship.

At Orange, in France, as part of a skills sponsorship initiative (loaning employees on an occasional basis, free of charge) under the TPS scheme, employees approaching the end of their careers can devote part of their working hours to a public interest association that works in a field supported by La Fondation Orange, such as education, health or culture. In December 2015, more than 1,500 Orange employees were working part time for such associations.

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