Fondation Groupe EDF

Where?: Haiti, Mali, Nepal, Philippines
When?: Since 2013
How?: Financial sponsorship, Donations in kind

La Fondation Groupe EDF (EDF Group Foundation) renewed its commitment to us in 2016, supporting our emergency efforts by helping to provide electrical equipment.

The partnership with La Fondation EDF, which became La Fondation Groupe EDF in 2016, and SOLIDARITÉS INTERNATIONAL dates backs to 8 November 2013 when typhoon Haiyan swept through the Philippines. The devastating damage it caused saw our emergency team dispatched to help. Faced with our needs on the ground, and the emergency situation we encountered, La Fondation EDF decided just a few hours after our decision to intervene that they would support our work.

The foundation’s valuable support played a significant role in funding humanitarian aid delivered by our teams in situ, in Tacloban, at the heart of the disaster.

In 2014, EDF Help also contributed to the funding of a public lighting project in the Christ Roi district of Port au Prince (Haiti). The chief aim of this project was to reverse the lack of safety in this area still being rebuilt 4 years after the earthquake devastated the country.

This fruitful partnership continued in 2015. Hugues Renson (Fondation EDF’s Managing Director), Philippe Jahshan from Coordination SUD, Sandra Lamarque (responsible for SOLIDARITÉS INTERNATIONAL’s emergency unit) and the organization’s CEO, Jean-Yves Troy, came together to talk about their collaboration in the “A but non lucratif” [“not for profit”] program broadcast on 15 March 2015 on BFM Business.

Hugues Renson Philippe Jahstan
Sandra Lamarque

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In spring 2015, a terrible, 7.9 magnitude earthquake, followed by a number of aftershocks, hit Nepal. In the face of these events, the Fondation EDF reacted extremely quickly. The foundation’s loyalty to our work and its highly efficient responsiveness have therefore proved a valuable form of assistance in providing victims with electricity access as quickly as possible.

In October 2016, the Fondation Groupe EDF harnessed its Programme de Solidarité Internationale to renew its trust in our emergency response mechanisms, signing a new partnership to enable SOLIDARITÉS INTERNATIONAL to acquire emergency intervention electrical equipment.

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