Fondation d’entreprise Solucom

Where?: Myanmar, Pakistan, Thailand
When?: In 2010 and 2014
How?: Financial sponsorship

The Solucom Corporate Foundation has supported SOLIDARITÉS INTERNATIONAL twice, once in 2010 and again in 2014, for aid projects helping those most in need.

In 2014, the foundation helped to co-fund an innovative vertical farming project in the refugee camps of Paktaw and Mae La, in Myanmar and Thailand respectively. The aim of this project was to help refugees to vary their diet, in a situation that offered them little in the way of resources, financial means or space. The solution put forward involved using “crop grow bags”, a technical innovation developed by SOLIDARITÉS INTERNATIONAL.

Moreover, in 2011, the foundation also supported our emergency response in the Sindh region in Pakistan. This involved delivering aid in the form of water, hygiene and sanitation, for displaced communities in the region.

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