Fondation de Lille

Where?: Nepal, Philippines
When?: In 2015 and 2015
How?: Financial sponsorship

La Fondation de Lille (Lille Foundation) has supported SOLIDARITÉS INTERNATIONAL since 2014, by funding our emergency operations during natural disasters.

La Fondation de Lille exists to support fundraising initiatives in the Nord-Pas-de-Calais region, but it also upholds an international solidarity mission, which aims to finance emergency responses to natural disasters, as well as rebuild stricken areas. To this end, the foundation selects the most skilled and competent associations in their particular field.

La Fondation de Lille chose to put its trust in SOLIDARITÉS INTERNATIONAL in 2015, at the time of the Nepal earthquake, and again in 2014, following the typhoon in the Philippines. In both cases, the work funded by the foundation has enabled disaster victims to regain access to drinking water, proper hygiene, sanitation facilities and secure shelter.

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