Where?: Headquarters
When?: Since 2014
How?: Socially responsible product

Keen to innovate and product responsibly, Angarde has supported SOLIDARITÉS INTERNATIONAL since 2014 by donating a portion of the proceeds from its espadrille sales every year.

Founded by two brothers and sisters hankering after the comfortable shoes of their childhood, the brand was devised as a way of producing a traditional yet modernized and eco-designed product. The shoes are designed in Paris and made in Spain, Italy and France, in the interests of guaranteed quality. In 2017, this rapidly growing brand set out to conquer our European neighbors and China.

To offset the quantities of water needed to produce the cotton canvas used to make the espadrilles, ANGARDE decided to give a commitment to the work done by SOLIDARITES INTERNATIONAL, by supporting our NGO in its mission to deliver drinking water access. For every espadrille sold, the equivalent of 20 liters of water is distributed to communities in need. Extending this eco-responsible initiative still further, end-of-life pairs can be donated for recycling at any of the many collection points across France.

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Alexandre Suermondt, co-founder of Angarde

“It’s by raising awareness among our customers and employees that businesses like us can act as an example and position ourselves as a key agent for change.”