Agence de l'eau Loire-Bretagne

Where?: Cameroon
When?: Since 2010
How?: Grant

The Agence de l’Eau Loire-Bretagne (Loire-Bretagne Water Authority) has been supporting SOLIDARITÉS INTERNATIONAL in its emergency efforts and reconstruction projects since 2010.

The Oudin-Santini law enables the AELB to fund schemes providing access to drinking water and sanitation. This is what has underpinned the AELB’s support in financing the rehabilitation of drinking water and sanitation networks in the Christ-Roy district of Port-au-Prince in Haiti since 2010.

Its backing has also enabled SOLIDARITÉS INTERNATIONAL to deliver drinking water access to the Philippine and Nepalese people in response to the emergency situations that arose in the aftermath of typhoon Haiyan in 2013, and the earthquake in Nepal in 2015. During these missions, the AELB also shared its technical expertise with our NGO, by contributing to audit and evaluation missions on the ground.

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